BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimental/tf28_compatUpdate serialization_lib commit to include magic numberFrederick Liardet15 months
mainAdd Rescale Attribute changesJames Ward3 days
v0.30Update to the latest serialization library for releaseEric Kunze17 months
v0.40Update to revision 0.40.0Eric Kunze15 months
v0.50Update serialization library submodule to 0.50Eric Kunze12 months
v0.60Add INT4 support for ConstOp deserializationJerry Ge5 months
v0.70Update serialization library to 0.70 releaseEric Kunze6 months
v0.80Update serialization lib to v0.80 releaseEric Kunze3 months
v0.90a0tosa_mlir_translator-0.90a0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze8 weeks
v0.80.0tosa_mlir_translator-0.80.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze3 months
v0.70.0tosa_mlir_translator-0.70.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze6 months
v0.60.0tosa_mlir_translator-0.60.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze9 months
v0.50.0tosa_mlir_translator-0.50.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze12 months
v0.40.0tosa_mlir_translator-0.40.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze15 months
v0.30.0tosa_mlir_translator-0.30.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysAdd Rescale Attribute changesHEADmainJames Ward
2023-11-15Update CustomOp's attribute nameJerry Ge
2023-11-14[tosa_mlir_translator] Add local_bound supportTai Ly
2023-10-27Fix deserialization for i8 MulOp shift attributeTai Ly
2023-10-19[tosa_mlir_translator] Fix pad deserializationTai Ly
2023-10-16Implement deserialization of stateful opsTai Ly
2023-10-11Adjust to revised Stateful opsTai Ly
2023-09-13Update serialization library to 0.90 draftEric Kunze
2023-09-11Update to handle unsigned attributes for RESCALEEric Kunze
2023-09-07[tosa_mlir_translator] Support Tosa StatefulOpsv0.90a0Jerry Ge