AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysUpdate to new serialization libHEADmainEric Kunze
12 daysUpdate serialization lib version to 0.41 draftEric Kunze
2022-08-30Update to revision 0.40.0v0.40.0v0.40Eric Kunze
2022-08-29Add conv3d supportTatWai Chong
2022-08-04Update TOSA resize to match specificationTatWai Chong
2022-07-08Update serialization_library submodule hashEric Kunze
2022-06-16Update to the latest serialization library for releasev0.30.0v0.30Eric Kunze
2022-06-15Remove quantization infoEric Kunze
2022-06-13Remove dilation serialization for transpose_conv2dEric Kunze
2022-06-07Update tosa-mlir-translator to latest serialization libEric Kunze
2022-05-20Update TOSA passesEric Kunze
2022-02-15Align serialize passes with current LLVMEric Kunze
2022-01-19Use getValues interface on ElementAttrEric Kunze
2022-01-14Fix serialization of int48 valuesEric Kunze
2022-01-04Short-circuit output tensor name with input tensor name if they're the same m...Kevin Cheng
2021-12-01Sort tensor list by name for serializationJared Smolens
2021-11-15First commit of tosa serialize passesKevin Cheng
2021-11-15Initial empty repositoryEric Kunze