TOSA MLIR Translator


The TOSA MLIR Translator repository implements translators between the TOSA MLIR dialect and serialized representations.

The current implementation supports serialization from MLIR form to flatbuffers. A deserializer from flatbuffers to MLIR form is in development.


TOSA serialization library

https://review.mlplatform.org/plugins/gitiles/tosa/serialization_lib The library includes a FlatBuffers schema and a C++ API for reading and writing a TOSA graph as a flatbuffer.


This repository does not currently build standalone. It must be included within another MLIR repository with a pass manager registering the passes implemented within this repository.

The included CMake rules can be used to add this repository as a submodule. The include/SerializationPasses.h enables MLIR pass registration inclusion.

If target "tosa_serialize" is linked correctly, you should able to see "--tosa-serialize" and "--tosa-serialize-json" options available in your MLIR pass manager/MLIR optimizer.


To serialize a TOSA MLIR graph to TOSA flatbuffer binary file:

\<YOUR_MLIR_OPTIMIZER> --tosa-serialize \<TOSA_MLIR_GRAPH> \ --tosa-flatbuffer-filename \<TOSA_FLATBUFFER_FILENAME>

To serialize a TOSA MLIR graph to TOSA flatbuffer JSON file:

\<YOUR_MLIR_OPTIMIZER> --tosa-serialize \<TOSA_MLIR_GRAPH> \ --tosa-flatbuffer-schema \<PATH_TO_TOSA_FLATBUFFER_SCHEMA> \ --tosa-flatbuffer-filename \<TOSA_FLATBUFFER_FILENAME>

where \<PATH_TO_TOSA_FLATBUFFER_SCHEMA> is provided within the serialization library submodule in third_party/serialization_lib/schema/tosa.fbs


The TOSA MLIR Translator is licensed under Apache-2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.