BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimental/tf28_compatAdd tosa identification numbersFrederick Liardet9 months
mainUpdate version to 0.80.0 draftEric Kunze35 hours
v0.23Remove draft tag for 0.23 releaseEric Kunze19 months
v0.30Remove the draft tag from the schema for v0.30Eric Kunze12 months
v0.40Remove draft tag for 0.40 releaseEric Kunze9 months
v0.50Update serialization lib version to 0.50.0Eric Kunze6 months
v0.60Update version number to 0.60 for releaseEric Kunze3 months
v0.70Remove draft tag from 0.70 serialization libraryEric Kunze8 days
v0.70.0serialization_lib-0.70.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze5 days
v0.60.0serialization_lib-0.60.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze3 months
v0.50.0serialization_lib-0.50.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze6 months
v0.40.0serialization_lib-0.40.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze9 months
v0.30.0serialization_lib-0.30.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze12 months
v0.23.0serialization_lib-0.23.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
35 hoursUpdate version to 0.80.0 draftHEADmainEric Kunze
8 daysRemove draft tag from 0.70 serialization libraryv0.70.0v0.70Eric Kunze
11 daysChange default value for draft versionEric Kunze
2023-05-19Support int16, uint16, int8, uint8 types numpy reader/writer for serializatio...Jerry Ge
2023-05-18Modify TOSA schema to force version to be writtenEric Kunze
2023-05-12Support updating serialized tensor shape for shape inferenceJerry Ge
2023-05-08Fix empty shaped serialized tensorJerry Ge
2023-04-06Fix serialize/deserialize bug when there are two or more regionsTai Ly
2023-04-04Add readFromNpyFile and writeToNpyFile for double dataTai Ly
2023-03-16Update version to 0.70.0 draftEric Kunze