AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysFix for CONST floats always truncated to integer values.HEADmainJeremy Johnson
12 daysUpdate serialization lib to flatbuffers 2.0.6Eric Kunze
2022-09-08Increment revision to 0.41 draftEric Kunze
2022-08-30Remove draft tag for 0.40 releasev0.40.0v0.40Eric Kunze
2022-08-29Update version to 0.40 draftEric Kunze
2022-08-25Modify CMakeLists to ease integration with Arm NN.Colm Donelan
2022-08-03Update TOSA resize to match specificationTatWai Chong
2022-07-11Fix bug in bool to u8 conversionEric Kunze
2022-07-06Bump schema version number to 0.31 draftEric Kunze
2022-06-16Remove the draft tag from the schema for v0.30v0.30.0v0.30Eric Kunze
2022-06-15Remove quantinfo typesEric Kunze
2022-06-13Fix version number in python serializerEric Kunze
2022-06-13Fix mistake in python serializerEric Kunze
2022-06-13Remove dilation from transpose_conv2dEric Kunze
2022-06-13Update serializer version numberEric Kunze
2022-06-13Increment version to 0.25Eric Kunze
2022-06-07Change to flatbuffers 1.12 as the submoduleEric Kunze
2022-06-07Align the serialization schema with TOSA 0.24.0 specificationTatWai Chong
2022-05-26Add support for uint16_tJeremy Johnson
2022-05-12Fix incompatible issue with clickTatWai Chong
2022-02-17Cleanup code warningsEric Kunze
2022-01-06Add python package supportJeremy Johnson
2021-11-18Add new interface to read flatbuffer from arrayAaron DeBattista
2021-11-16Update flatbuffer to v2.0.0Kevin Cheng
2021-11-15Parse and check schema version when LoadSchemaFile()Kevin Cheng
2021-11-11Clean up constructor interfaceKevin Cheng
2021-11-09Remove unnessary operator.defKevin Cheng
2021-11-06Avoid RTTI usageKevin Cheng
2021-11-05Build flatbuffers into libtosa_serialization.aKevin Cheng
2021-11-04Use pre-commit to catch out of date headersEric Kunze
2021-11-03Increment version to 0.24.0 draftEric Kunze
2021-10-29Remove draft tag for 0.23 releasev0.23.0v0.23Eric Kunze
2021-10-29Remove copyright notice from generated headersEric Kunze
2021-10-27Changes for 0.23.0 releaseKevin Cheng
2021-10-26Bring back TosaVersion structKevin Cheng
2021-10-19Both serializer and schema carry version info nowKevin Cheng
2021-10-14Fix bug when serializing INT32 constant dataKevin Cheng
2021-10-11Move python-based serializer from reference_model.Kevin Cheng
2021-09-02Add top level license.txtEric Kunze
2021-08-31Adding Conv attribute to Conv3d.Kevin Cheng
2021-08-23Rename DIV operator to INTDIVMatthew Haddon
2021-08-02Support I4 weights pack/unpack.Kevin Cheng
2021-07-08Allow reading numpy files with up to 10 dimensions.Jeremy Johnson
2021-06-24Constant data is embedded in flatbuffer as u8 array instead of saving out as ...Kevin Cheng
2021-05-10Update serialization_lib to 0.22.0Kevin Cheng
2021-04-26Initial commit of serialization library codeEric Kunze
2021-04-13Initial empty repositoryEric Kunze