AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysAdd variable_name to tensorsHEADmainTai Ly
4 daysFix numpy deprecation warning message for unsigned int conversionWon Jeon
7 daysUpdate Python table attribute to use int16vecsJerry Ge
9 daysUpdate version tags to 0.90 draftEric Kunze
2023-09-07Add new signedness attributes to RESCALEEric Kunze
2023-09-06Enable backward compatibilityJerry Ge
2023-08-23Add is_unranked flag to TensorsTai Ly
2023-08-22[Serialization_lib] Support StatefulOps for TOSAJerry Ge
2023-08-21Add assertion message to avoid warning message for C++14Won Jeon
2023-08-18[fix] explicitly declare template specialization for readFromNpyFileTatWai Chong
2023-08-15Fix for placeholderFilename being passed to basicBlockRob Elliott
2023-08-14Enable passing in custom names for addConstJerry Ge
2023-08-12Add SHAPE data type to TOSA serialization Python codeWon Jeon
2023-08-10Add DIM operator to serialization libraryWon Jeon
2023-08-02Simplify overloaded writeToNpyFiles and readFromNpyFilesTatWai Chong
2023-07-27Fix error in python serializerEric Kunze
2023-07-25Enable const data to be saved as input filesJeremy Johnson
2023-07-18Update to use GenTextTai Ly
2023-07-07Fix strcpy overflowJerry Ge
2023-07-05Support reading anydtype into a 32-bit bufferJerry Ge
2023-06-07Add ERF operator to serialization_libWon Jeon
2023-06-07Add u8 array to float conversion checkWon Jeon
2023-06-01Update version to 0.80.0 draftEric Kunze
2023-05-25Remove draft tag from 0.70 serialization libraryv0.70.0v0.70Eric Kunze
2023-05-23Change default value for draft versionEric Kunze
2023-05-19Support int16, uint16, int8, uint8 types numpy reader/writer for serializatio...Jerry Ge
2023-05-18Modify TOSA schema to force version to be writtenEric Kunze
2023-05-12Support updating serialized tensor shape for shape inferenceJerry Ge
2023-05-08Fix empty shaped serialized tensorJerry Ge
2023-04-06Fix serialize/deserialize bug when there are two or more regionsTai Ly
2023-04-04Add readFromNpyFile and writeToNpyFile for double dataTai Ly
2023-03-16Update version to 0.70.0 draftEric Kunze
2023-03-08Update version number to 0.60 for releasev0.60.0Eric Kunze
2023-03-07Put fethrowexcept under HALF_ENABLE_CPP11_NOEXCEPT macroDmitriy Smirnov
2023-02-27deserialization bug fixTai Ly
2023-01-27Remove zero pad from float attrribute serializationJames Ward
2023-01-23Remove accumulator attributes from all but AVG_POOL2DJames Ward
2023-01-18Schema changes for CLAMP, PAD float attributesJames Ward
2023-01-13Add FFT2d and RFFT2d serialization supportLuke Hutton
2023-01-11Allow test generators to directly add basicBlocks through the serializerJerry Ge
2023-01-10Remove redundent code after flatbuffers 2.0 updateJerry Ge
2023-01-09Add TosaSerializerRegion to python version of serialization_libJerry Ge
2023-01-04Add attributes to serialization of custom opEric Kunze
2023-01-04Remove serialization testEric Kunze
2022-12-15[region] Add TosaSerializationRegion to serialization_libJerry Ge
2022-12-07Update revision to 0.51.0 draftEric Kunze
2022-12-06Update serialization lib version to 0.50.0v0.50.0v0.50Eric Kunze
2022-12-06Update pre-commit flake8 to new locationEric Kunze
2022-10-26BF16 support in TOSA serializationJames Ward
2022-10-04Rename FLOAT type to FP32Jeremy Johnson