AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-27Updated the errata.v20.11branches/arm_compute_20_11morgolock
2020-11-25COMPMID-4025 [Nightly failure] Fix FP16 CLWidthConcatenateLayer mismatchesGiorgio Arena
2020-11-24Updated doxygen documention.morgolock
2020-11-24COMPMID-4020: Nightly failure - Few CL DirectConvolutionLayer QASYM8 mismatchesManuel Bottini
2020-11-24COMPMID-4022 Nightly failure: CL LogicalNot -45 error clCreateKernelGiorgio Arena
2020-11-24Fix output address calculation in GEMM OpenCL kernelsMichele Di Giorgio
2020-11-23COMPMID-4018: Fix heuristic fallback for CLGEMMReshapedRHSOnly forGian Marco Iodice
2020-11-23COMPMID-3987: Nightly failure - Android builds failing in dataset and validationManuel Bottini
2020-11-23Update release repository pinmorgolock
2020-11-23Add deprecation notice for OpenGLES and CV functions to READMEmorgolock
2020-11-23Update tuning numbers for A55 for both fp16 and fp32Georgios Pinitas
2020-11-23COMPMID-3980: Fix F16 regression on Mali-G76Gian Marco Iodice
2020-11-23Update functions list in Doxygenmorgolock
2020-11-23Update release version in Doxygenmorgolock
2020-11-23Initialize unitialized M parameter in NEGEMMAssemblyDispatchGeorgios Pinitas
2020-11-21Update Release Notes 20.11morgolock
2020-11-20Update Release VERSION in SConscriptmorgolock
2020-11-20Updated release sonamemorgolock
2020-11-19Remove 3dparty folder and submodulemorgolock
2020-11-19COMPMID-3984: Deprecate GLES functions.morgolock
2020-11-19Remove INTERNAL_ONLYmorgolock
2020-11-19COMPMID-3981: Fix missing fallback for export to cl_imageGian Marco Iodice
2020-11-18COMPMID-3961: Add Logical OR/AND/NOT operator on CLSang-Hoon Park
2020-11-18COMPMID-3971: Nightly failure - CL LaplacianPyramid mismatchesManuel Bottini
2020-11-18COMPMID-3972: ExportToCLImage test failureSheri Zhang
2020-11-17COMPMID-3979 Sanitise Padding Removal epicSiCong Li
2020-11-17COMPMID-3978: Nighlty failure NEON Activation Layer mismatches on android armv7aManuel Bottini
2020-11-17COMPMID-3962: Add Logical And, Or, Not support on NEONGeorgios Pinitas
2020-11-17COMPMID-3771: Fixed implicit-fallthrough warningmorgolock
2020-11-17COMPMID-3975: Update CLGEMM heuristic for Mali-G52 F16Gian Marco Iodice
2020-11-17COMPMID-3970: Failure when building with GCC < 6Georgios Pinitas
2020-11-16COMPMID-3973: CTS failure in QASYMM8_SIGNED Depthwise and Fully connected whe...Michele Di Giorgio
2020-11-16COMPMID-3967: Fix NEColorConvert segfaultGeorgios Pinitas
2020-11-13COMPMID-3599: Disable direct gemm convolution testing for armv7 for 8bitGeorgios Pinitas
2020-11-13COMPMID-3956: Nightly CL failure on G71 with error code -7Manuel Bottini
2020-11-13COMPMID-3959: Update Mali-G52 heuristic for CLGEMM - F32Gian Marco Iodice
2020-11-13COMPMID-3851: Fix regression on NEDepthwiseConvolutionLayerNativeKernelSang-Hoon Park
2020-11-13COMPMID-3852: Fix NEReduction windowGeorgios Pinitas
2020-11-12COMPMID-3960: Mismatch on NEArithmeticSubtractionGeorgios Pinitas
2020-11-12COMPMID-3776: Indirect GEMMGeorgios Pinitas
2020-11-12COMPMID-3881: Update remove OpenCL padding 20.11 documentationSheri Zhang
2020-11-12COMPMID-3735 Remove OpenCL padding: CLSoftmaxLayerKernelGiorgio Arena
2020-11-12COMPMID-3957: Deprecate CV functions in CL backend.morgolock
2020-11-12COMPMID-3701: Avoid macro clashingGeorgios Pinitas
2020-11-11COMPMID-3792: Graph examples crash on bare-metalGeorgios Pinitas
2020-11-10COMPMID-3630: Fix nightly build regarding move constructorSang-Hoon Park
2020-11-10COMPMID-3957: Deprecate neon CV functions.morgolock
2020-11-10COMPMID-3958: Fix build error with Werror=1Sang-Hoon Park
2020-11-10COMPMID-3887: NEGEMMConvolutionLayer hangs up on num_threads>18Sheri Zhang
2020-11-10COMPMID-3639: Fix script to generate *Kernels.hSang-Hoon Park