BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branches/arm_compute_19_02COMPMID-1766: Fixed NonMaxSuppression reference.Pablo Tello9 months
branches/arm_compute_19_05IVGCVSW-2794: Return correct status for ReduceMean operations.Georgios Pinitas6 months
branches/arm_compute_19_08COMPMID-2642: Update documentation for 19.08Gian Marco Iodice3 months
branches/arm_compute_19_11COMPMID-2916 19.11 Release checklistSiCong Li46 hours
masterCOMPMID-2929: Resolve segfault at end of benchmark suite execution.Georgios Pinitas18 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
18 hoursCOMPMID-2929: Resolve segfault at end of benchmark suite execution.HEADmasterGeorgios Pinitas
3 daysCOMPMID-2853: Fix VGG16 for fp16.Georgios Pinitas
3 daysCOMPMID-2919 add error message for zero stride valuesSang-Hoon Park
7 daysCOMPMID-2924:Remove proprietary headerGiuseppe Rossini
7 daysCOMPMID-2309 : CLConvolutionLayer: support QUANT8_SYMM_PER_CHANNEL filtersVidhya Sudhan Loganathan
7 daysCOMPMID-2452: Add mnist exampleIsabella Gottardi
7 daysCOMPMID-2905: Fixed benchmark graph segfault.Pablo Tello
8 daysCOMPMID-2921 Performance regression on NEON Int8Giorgio Arena
8 daysCOMPMID-2139: Update documentation about memory managerMichalis Spyrou
8 daysCOMPMID-2897 CL LogSoftmax QASYMM8 pre-commit tests are intermittently failingGiorgio Arena