BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branches/arm_compute_19_02COMPMID-1766: Fixed NonMaxSuppression reference.Pablo Tello13 months
branches/arm_compute_19_05IVGCVSW-2794: Return correct status for ReduceMean operations.Georgios Pinitas11 months
branches/arm_compute_19_08COMPMID-3015: Update release notes for 19.08.1Michele Di Giorgio3 months
branches/arm_compute_19_11Update release repository pinMichele Di Giorgio2 months
branches/arm_compute_20_02Update release_repository pinMichele Di Giorgio4 weeks
masterMissing include for ARM_COMPUTE_ERROR_ON in QuantizationInfo.h for clangManuel Bottini18 hours
v20.02.1ComputeLibrary-20.02.1.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio4 weeks
v20.02ComputeLibrary-20.02.tar.gz  Luca Foschiani6 weeks
v19.11.1ComputeLibrary-19.11.1.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio2 months
v19.08.1ComputeLibrary-19.08.1.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio3 months
v19.11ComputeLibrary-19.11.tar.gz  SiCong Li4 months
v19.08ComputeLibrary-19.08.tar.gz  Gian Marco Iodice7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
18 hoursMissing include for ARM_COMPUTE_ERROR_ON in QuantizationInfo.h for clangHEADmasterManuel Bottini
39 hours(3RDPARTY_UPDATE) Update benchmarksMichalis Spyrou
40 hoursMLCE-166: Add support for extracting indices in NEPoolingLayer 2x2 NCHWmorgolock
41 hoursCOMPMID-3237: Add support for QSYMM16 into S32 NEPixelwiseMultiplicationKernelMichele Di Giorgio
3 daysCOMPMID-3069: Resolve Bfloat16 validation issues.Georgios Pinitas
4 daysCOMPMID-3069 Fix bug on QASYMM8_SIGNED GEMMLowp CL kernelLuca Foschiani
7 daysCOMPMID-3237: Add support for QSYMM16 ArithmeticSubtraction on NEONMichele Di Giorgio
7 daysCOMPMID-3248: Align SONAME and version in Version.hGeorgios Pinitas
7 daysCOMPMID-3284 add utilities for layer normalization of NEON QLSTMSang-Hoon Park
7 daysCOMPMID-3238 modify reference kernel of layer normalization for QSYMM16Sang-Hoon Park