BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branches/arm_compute_19_08COMPMID-3015: Update release notes for 19.08.1Michele Di Giorgio16 months
branches/arm_compute_19_11Update release repository pinMichele Di Giorgio16 months
branches/arm_compute_20_02Update release_repository pinMichele Di Giorgio14 months
branches/arm_compute_20_05move ndrange.hpp header into arm_compute directoryVincent ABRIOU12 months
branches/arm_compute_20_08Update release repository pinSang-Hoon Park9 months
branches/arm_compute_20_11Updated the errata.morgolock6 months
branches/arm_compute_21_02Update errata with failures in CLCast and CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyReshapedOnlyRHS...Michele Di Giorgio3 months
branches/arm_compute_21_05Fix the OpenCL convolution layer heuristic for int8Gian Marco Iodice7 hours
branches/arm_compute_21_05_tmpFix Macros.h include in NEScaleMichele Di Giorgio24 hours
masterFix the OpenCL convolution layer heuristic for int8Gian Marco Iodice8 hours
v21.02ComputeLibrary-21.02.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio3 months
v20.11ComputeLibrary-20.11.tar.gz  morgolock6 months
v20.08ComputeLibrary-20.08.tar.gz  Sang-Hoon Park9 months
v20.05ComputeLibrary-20.05.tar.gz  Vincent ABRIOU12 months
v20.02.1ComputeLibrary-20.02.1.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio14 months
v20.02ComputeLibrary-20.02.tar.gz  Luca Foschiani15 months
v19.11.1ComputeLibrary-19.11.1.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio16 months
v19.08.1ComputeLibrary-19.08.1.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio16 months
v19.11ComputeLibrary-19.11.tar.gz  SiCong Li18 months
v19.08ComputeLibrary-19.08.tar.gz  Gian Marco Iodice20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 hoursFix the OpenCL convolution layer heuristic for int8HEADmasterGian Marco Iodice
13 hoursRename NEGEMMAssembly to CpuGemmAssemblySang-Hoon Park
24 hoursFix Macros.h include in NEScaleMichele Di Giorgio
26 hoursFix integer overflow and null dereferenceMichalis Spyrou
27 hoursRemove padding from CLChannelShuffleLayerKernelManuel Bottini
28 hoursFix Pooling Layer Bug when input is 1xN sizeFreddie Liardet
2 daysFix GEMMLowp output stage validation crash when input's first dimension == 1Giorgio Arena
2 daysFix bug in Select operator when input is 1xNFreddie Liardet
2 daysFix 'ARM_DOT_K0XN0' macro redefinedGiorgio Arena
2 daysSuppress unused variable warning that is present on empty backend buildsGeorgios Pinitas