AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-05Update release_repository pinv20.02.1branches/arm_compute_20_02Michele Di Giorgio
2020-03-05Update Release NotesMichele Di Giorgio
2020-03-05Update README with 20.02.1 releaseMichele Di Giorgio
2020-03-04Update release version in DoxygenMichele Di Giorgio
2020-03-04Update Release VERSION in SConscriptMichele Di Giorgio
2020-02-20COMPMID-3212 Investigate CLReduceMean failure with QASYMM8v20.02Luca Foschiani
2020-02-20COMPMID-3192: Update release notesGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-20COMPMID-2819: Throw error if exclude_padding is false for NHWC quantized type...Michele Di Giorgio
2020-02-20COMPMID-3209: Failing VTS/NN Tests on CpuAcc for avg_pool_quant and mobilenet...Michele Di Giorgio
2020-02-20COMPMID-3087: Fails NEPoolingLayer on Nightlies #688Manuel Bottini
2020-02-18Create Release repositoryGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-18COMPMID-2819: Adding tolerance of 1 to CLColorConvert RGB8toU8 testsMichele Di Giorgio
2020-02-18Revert "Remove tests/benchmark_examples and the corresponding build options"Giuseppe Rossini
2020-02-18Revert "Remove tests/validate_examples and the corresponding build options"Giuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Doxygen fixesGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Update Doxygen filesGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Add Release notes to the documentationGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Update README file with new links to the documentation and the source codeGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Switch data submodule to the public_data branch of the data repositoryGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Update Doxygen versionGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Update release version in the SConscriptGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Remove blocks of codes / files which are marked as INTERNAL_ONLY and Disable ...Giuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Remove tests/validate_examples and the corresponding build optionsGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Remove tests/benchmark_examples and the corresponding build optionsGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-17Remove 3dparty folder and submoduleGiuseppe Rossini
2020-02-13COMPMID-3201: Remove fpermissive flagMichalis Spyrou
2020-02-13Adding compiler_prefix env variablealered01
2020-02-12COMPMID-2964 ~10-15% Regression of DeepSpeech v1 F16 on hikey960 on G71 (CL)Giorgio Arena
2020-02-12COMPMID-3084: Fix padding value for Reduce MAX/MINSang-Hoon Park
2020-02-12Silence warnings related to "control reaches end of non-void function"Matthew Bentham
2020-02-12COMPMID-2819: Avoid overflows in pooling shape calculationGeorgios Pinitas
2020-02-07COMPMID-2838: Add support for QASYMM8 production reduce operation to CLMichalis Spyrou
2020-02-07COMPMID-3046: Add CLRequantizationLayerKernelManuel Bottini
2020-02-07COMPMID-2762: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in CLReductionOperation and CLRe...Michalis Spyrou
2020-02-06COMPMID-3090: Fail NEON/ColorConvert/RGBtoU8Manuel Bottini
2020-02-06COMPMID-2819: Fix comparison in NN build script for AOSP.Georgios Pinitas
2020-02-05COMPMID-3063: Address Custom Convolution failuresGeorgios Pinitas
2020-02-05COMPMID-3086: Update README with SDL contact informationMichalis Spyrou
2020-02-05COMPMID-3083: Add graph support for PReluGeorgios Pinitas
2020-02-05COMPMID-2927: Add support for mixed precision inGeorgios Pinitas
2020-02-05COMPMID-2819: Enable PadLayer on NEON graph backend.Georgios Pinitas
2020-02-03COMPMID-3045: CTS failures in ARGMAX/MINManuel Bottini
2020-01-31COMPMID-3003: Integrate assembly kernels utilizing MMLA instruction.Georgios Pinitas
2020-01-30COMPMID-3023: Conditionally build test framework when needed.Georgios Pinitas
2020-01-30COMPMID-3050: Fix depthwise convolution kernel creation failureSang-Hoon Park
2020-01-30COMPMID-2832 : ACL module for AndroidNN driverGeorgios Pinitas
2020-01-30COMPMID-3047: Nightly Fail NEPoolingLayerManuel Bottini
2020-01-29COMPMID-2819: Remove use of std::bind1st as is deprecated since C++11Georgios Pinitas
2020-01-28COMPMID-2985 add data_layout to PoolingLayerInfoSang-Hoon Park
2020-01-27COMPMID-2819: Fix supported types in DepthwiseReshapeKernelMichalis Spyrou