BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainRefactor 1L to INT64_C()Jerry Ge11 days
v0.23Remove draft tag for 0.23 releaseEric Kunze17 months
v0.30Fix reference model use of weight zero pointEric Kunze9 months
v0.40Update revision to 0.40.Eric Kunze7 months
v0.50Update version to 0.50 for releaseEric Kunze4 months
v0.60Update framework test choices - SPLIT, RESIZEJeremy Johnson2 weeks
v0.60.2reference_model-0.60.2.tar.gz  Eric Kunze2 weeks
v0.60.1reference_model-0.60.1.tar.gz  Eric Kunze3 weeks
v0.60.0reference_model-0.60.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze3 weeks
v0.50.0reference_model-0.50.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze4 months
v0.40.0reference_model-0.40.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze7 months
v0.30.0reference_model-0.30.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze9 months
v0.23.0reference_model-0.23.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
11 daysRefactor 1L to INT64_C()HEADmainJerry Ge
12 daysUpdate version to 0.70.0 draftEric Kunze
2023-03-13Update framework test choices - SPLIT, RESIZEv0.60.2v0.60Jeremy Johnson
2023-03-09Remove 1x7x7x479 from the test size listv0.60.1Eric Kunze
2023-03-09Update version number to 0.60v0.60.0Eric Kunze
2023-03-08Prevent generating test case when align_corners and half_pixel are both true ...Jerry Ge
2023-03-03Add framework tests for TFL.Relu0To1OpJerry Ge
2023-03-04Update compiler versions in READMEEric Kunze
2023-03-03Refactor resize test builderTatWai Chong
2023-03-03Update CAST fp to int roundingEric Kunze