BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainRevert tag desc.json renamingJeremy Johnson4 days
v0.23Remove draft tag for 0.23 releaseEric Kunze23 months
v0.30Fix reference model use of weight zero pointEric Kunze15 months
v0.40Update revision to 0.40.Eric Kunze13 months
v0.50Update version to 0.50 for releaseEric Kunze10 months
v0.60Fix logical right shift operator for signed negative integersWon Jeon3 months
v0.70Remove draft tag for 0.70 releaseEric Kunze4 months
v0.80Remove draft tag for 0.80 releaseEric Kunze10 days
v0.80.0reference_model-0.80.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze10 days
v0.70.0reference_model-0.70.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze4 months
v0.60.2reference_model-0.60.2.tar.gz  Eric Kunze6 months
v0.60.1reference_model-0.60.1.tar.gz  Eric Kunze6 months
v0.60.0reference_model-0.60.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze6 months
v0.50.0reference_model-0.50.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze10 months
v0.40.0reference_model-0.40.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze13 months
v0.30.0reference_model-0.30.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze15 months
v0.23.0reference_model-0.23.0.tar.gz  Eric Kunze23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysRevert tag desc.json renamingHEADmainJeremy Johnson
7 daysUpdate reference model MAX_SCALE to match specEric Kunze
7 days[reference_model] Support StatefulOps and the tests for CallOnceOpTai Ly
8 daysChange version to 0.90 draftEric Kunze
8 daysUpgrade to latest version of TOSA specificationGrant Watson
9 daysBuild compliance verifier library with a python interface.Jeremy Johnson
9 daysRestore coverage for conformance MATMULJeremy Johnson
9 daysAdd integer divide with floor for coordinate calculationTatWai Chong
11 daysFixes for conformance generator tags and test selectionJeremy Johnson
14 daysSupport new RESCALE attributesEric Kunze