AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-25IVGCVSW-5347 Update Android-NN driver FAQ.md and IntegratorsGuide.md.v20.11branches/android-nn-driver_20_11Sadik Armagan
2020-11-24IVGCVSW-5347 Update Readme for 20.11Teresa Charlin
2020-11-17ConvertMaximum. Fix wrong function name in logTeresa Charlin
2020-11-16Added SECURITY.md fileMike Kelly
2020-11-12IVGCVSW-5090 Add android-nn-driver Support for Logical operatorsNarumol Prangnawarat
2020-10-30IVGCVSW-5267 Remove use of boost::array from unit tests.Colm Donelan
2020-10-30IVGCVSW-5267 Remove boost from core android-nn-driverJames Ward
2020-10-29IVGCVSW-5267 Remove boost from core android-nn-driverJames Ward
2020-10-23IVGCVSW-5353 - Fix skipped concat VTS testsDavid Monahan
2020-10-21IVGCVSW-5445 Fix for Android-NN-Driver cmd line parametersMike Kelly
2020-10-13IVGCVSW-5335 Documentation for fast_mathMike Kelly
2020-10-09IVGCVSW-5359 Fix Transpose Conv2d Dynamic testsFinn Williams
2020-10-09IVGCVSW-5357 Fix skipping Dynamic Grouped Conv2d testsFinn Williams
2020-10-08IVGCVSW-5278 Fixing an error in the definition of fp16-enabled parameter.Colm Donelan
2020-10-07IVGCVSW-5278 Switch Android-nn-driver/DriverOptions.cpp over to cxxoptsColm Donelan
2020-10-07IVGCVSW-5298 Remove boost::format from Android-nn-driverColm Donelan
2020-10-02IVGCVSW-5356 Fix skipping VTS DynamicOutputShape FullyConnectedFinn Williams
2020-10-01IVGCVSW-4566 Add support for EXP operatorTeresa Charlin
2020-09-30MLCE-233 Added ability to enable fast_math through the NNAPI driverMike Kelly
2020-09-14IVGCVSW-5304 Remove boost::numeric_cast from Android-nn-driverMatthew Sloyan
2020-09-11IVGCVSW-5245 Support Fused Activations for Dynamic TensorsKevin May
2020-09-08IVGCVSW-5270 Update ConvertConcatenation function to use ShapeInferenceMethodKeith Davis
2020-09-03IVGCVSW-5274 'Update ConvertQuantizedLstm function to use ShapeInferenceMethod'Sadik Armagan
2020-09-03IVGCVSW-5271 'Update ConvertQuantized16BitLstm function to use ShapeInference...Sadik Armagan
2020-09-03IVGCVSW-5272 'Update ConvertLstm function to use ShapeInferenceMethod'Sadik Armagan
2020-09-02IVGCVSW-5276 'Update ConvertSqueeze function to use ShapeInferenceMethod'Sadik Armagan
2020-08-31IVGCVSW-4917 Adding Unit test to Android-nn-driver for Hal1.3 QosDavid Monahan
2020-08-28Remove mention of lack of support for HAL1.3 in GpuAccTeresa Charlin
2020-08-25Minor update to docs/FAQ.mdNikhil Raj
2020-08-25Update Integrator guide in android nn driverNikhil Raj
2020-08-21Update FAQ in android-nn-driverNikhil Raj
2020-08-20IVGCVSW-4809 Update Nnapisupport.txtRyan OShea
2020-08-20IVGCVSW-5220 Set all operations to unsupported after encountering an unsuppor...Finn Williams
2020-08-20IVGCVSW-5224 Fix for UnknownDimensionsTest in CpuRef and GpuAccKevin May
2020-08-19IVGCVSW-5220 Fix UnknownCombinationsTest/UnknownDimensionsTestFinn Williams
2020-08-16IVGCVSW-5182 Bug fix for Comparison layer introduced by dynamic tensorsTeresa Charlin
2020-08-14IVGCVSW-5182 Update Convert functions to use ShapeInferenceMethod. 1/2.Teresa Charlin
2020-08-12IVGCVSW-4931 Update NN Driver to support dynamic tensorsFinn Williams
2020-08-10IVGCVSW-3568 Eliminate rank and axis restriction in Softmax.Teresa Charlin
2020-07-21IVGCVSW-4709 Re-enable Android-NN Resize ParametersDavid Monahan
2020-07-20IVGCVSW-4891 CTS Q 1.2 CpuRef LargeGraph_TENSOR_FLOAT16_Rank2/20 failure.Teresa Charlin
2020-07-15IVGCVSW-5105 Fix CTS R 1.3 all backends Graph INT32 RANK1 ArgMinMaxTeresa Charlin
2020-07-09IVGCVSW-4988 Add handling output shape parameter to TransposeConvolution2dColm Donelan
2020-07-06Add support for Rank and scalar tensorsFinn Williams
2020-07-03IVGCVSW-4920 Invalid Negative Stride fixRyan OShea
2020-06-29IVGCVSW-4903 Gather support for axis != 0Teresa Charlin
2020-06-24IVGCVSW-4623 Add android-nn-driver Support for FILLSadik Armagan
2020-06-20IVGCVSW-4912 Enable CL in Android.mk for Android RKevin May
2020-06-19IVGCVSW-4836 Build EthosNRef on Android and run VTS and CTS test suites on itFrancisMurtagh
2020-06-02IVGCVSW-4850 Create QLSTM unit test in android-nn-driverSadik Armagan