BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branches/armnn_19_05NNXSW-1697 Remove use of SubgraphView that may become invalid.Rob Hughes12 months
branches/armnn_19_08IVGCVSW-4286 Update version number to 19.08.01Kevin May6 months
branches/armnn_19_11IVGCVSW-4156 Remove backend dependency on ProfilingService.hppJim Flynn5 months
branches/armnn_20_02IVGCVSW-4475 Update BuildGuideAndroidNDK.mdNarumol Prangnawarat4 months
branches/armnn_20_05IVGCVSW-4801: Updating Doxygen project version for 20.05 release.Colm Donelan6 weeks
experimental/QuantizerStuffBuild graph->inputIds/outputIds with layerBindingId instead of layerIndexTee Jung5 months
experimental/pyarmnnWork in progress of python bindings for Arm NNMatthew Bentham7 months
experimental/transpose_conv2dIVGCVSW-3322 Add Quantizer support for TransposeConvolution2DLayerAron Virginas-Tar13 months
gh-pagesUpdating Doxygen documentation for 20.05 release.Colm Donelan6 weeks
masterGitHub #388 Add matching quant checks in TfLite parserJames Conroy6 hours
v20.05armnn-20.05.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj6 weeks
v20.02armnn-20.02.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj4 months
v19.11.1armnn-19.11.1.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj5 months
v19.08.1armnn-19.08.1.tar.gz  Sadik Armagan6 months
v19.11armnn-19.11.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj7 months
v19.08armnn-19.08.tar.gz  Surabhi Mehta10 months
v19.05armnn-19.05.tar.gz  Surabhi Mehta13 months
v19.02armnn-19.02.tar.gz  telsoa0116 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 hoursGitHub #388 Add matching quant checks in TfLite parserHEADmasterJames Conroy
10 hoursIVGCVSW-5005 Fix Deprecated Functions in CL/NEON Resize WorkloadDavid Monahan
12 hoursIVGCVSW-5087 NNT zero sized failing after TensorShape refactorTeresa Charlin
32 hoursRemove new occurence of boost::polymorphic_downcastJan Eilers
2 daysIVGCVSW-4624 Add a RANK Reference ImplementationFinn Williams
2 daysGitHub #418 AddBroadcastReshapeLayer can cause inputs to be connected incorre...Mike Kelly
2 daysIVGCVSW-4770 Fix segmentation fault in FileOnlyProfilingDecoratorTestsJan Eilers
2 daysIVGCVSW-4919 Strided Slice 0 Dimension Tensor FixRyan OShea
2 daysIVGCVSW-4920 Invalid Negative Stride fixRyan OShea
3 daysIVGCVSW-4988 Add handling output shape parameter to TransposeConvolution2dColm Donelan