BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branches/armnn_21_08IVGCVSW-6216 PCA: Documentation UpdatesDavid Monahan10 months
branches/armnn_21_11Fixing error in pyarmnn generate_docs.pyNikhil Raj7 months
branches/armnn_22_02IVGCVSW-6801 Remove the call to sync after EnqueueWorkload if we didn't importDavid Monahan4 months
branches/armnn_22_05Update Doxygen project number for 22.05 patch releaseNikhil Raj9 days
experimental/abi-tests-backendIVGCVSW-6627 Add Backend interface to ABI compliance checkerFrancis Murtagh4 months
experimental/armnn_shim_slIVGCVSW-6960 Device not found running MLTS with Support LibraryCathal Corbett11 days
experimental/daves_custom_allocator_dmabufMLCE-530 Add support for UnidirectionalSequenceLstm to RefWorkloadNarumol Prangnawarat11 months
experimental/serializationIssueIVGCVSW-6967 Add Optimizer Test for FullyConnected in Fp32ToBf16Keith Davis5 weeks
gh-pagesUpdate Doxygen for 22.05 patch releaseNikhil Raj9 days
masterUpdate ACL pin to 700b913ed9257c44147372378bc8a0dadcfd2ac2Nikhil Raj35 hours
v22.05.01armnn-22.05.01.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj9 days
v22.05armnn-22.05.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj5 weeks
v22.02armnn-22.02.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj4 months
v21.11armnn-21.11.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj7 months
v21.08armnn-21.08.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj10 months
v21.05armnn-21.05.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj13 months
v21.02.doc1armnn-21.02.doc1.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj15 months
v21.02armnn-21.02.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj16 months
v20.11armnn-20.11.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj19 months
v20.08armnn-20.08.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
35 hoursUpdate ACL pin to 700b913ed9257c44147372378bc8a0dadcfd2ac2HEADmasterNikhil Raj
38 hoursIVGCVSW-6958 'Integrate Import Host Memory to POINTER memory type'Sadik Armagan
2 daysNNXSW-3858: Get non-const IConnectableLayer from I/O slotsNabeel Ahmad
3 daysUpdate ACL pin to 14ce09453682618a53544152c3fe8efd5fa7b2c9Nikhil Raj
4 daysRevert "Revert "IVGCVSW-6873 Import inputs but don't export outputs fails.""Francis Murtagh
5 daysIVGCVSW-6954 'Fixed test failures on Conv2d"Sadik Armagan
5 daysRevert "IVGCVSW-6873 Import inputs but don't export outputs fails."James Conroy
5 daysIVGCVSW-6873 Import inputs but don't export outputs fails.Colm Donelan
6 daysIVGCVSW-6989 "Merged experimental/armnn_shim_sl"Sadik Armagan
9 daysUpdate Doxygen project number for 22.05 patch releaseNikhil Raj