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2020-05-27IVGCVSW-4787 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 20.05v20.05branches/android-nn-driver_20_05Teresa Charlin
2020-05-19IVGCVSW-4453 Add Support for ANEURALNETWORKS_QLSTM to HAL 1.3 DriverSadik Armagan
2020-03-31IVGCVSW-4407 HAL 1.3 Operators SupportSadik Armagan
2020-02-19IVGCVSW-4430 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 20.02Sadik Armagan
2019-11-27IVGCVSW-4204 Review NNAPISupport.txt for 19.11Teresa Charlin
2019-11-18IVGCVSW-4056 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 19.11Aron Virginas-Tar
2019-11-15IVGCVSW-4082 Document support of per-axis quantisationTeresa Charlin
2019-10-15IVGCVSW-3894 Add support for LOG_SOFTMAX to the HAL 1.2 driverAron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-10IVGCVSW-3891 Remove FLOAT16 from the list of supported types for INSTANCE_NOR...Aron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-09IVGCVSW-3891 Add support for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION to the HAL1.2 Android driverAron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-04IVGCVSW-3818 Support Group convolution from AndroidTeresa Charlin
2019-09-16IVGCVSW-3663 Add EXPAND_DIMS to the android-nn-driverNarumol Prangnawarat
2019-09-10IVGCVSW-3833 Add RSQRT to list of supported operators in NnapiSupport.txtAron Virginas-Tar
2019-09-09IVGCVSW-3746 Add Android NN Driver support for ABSKevin May
2019-09-04IVGCVSW-3660 Add SQRT to the android-nn-driverSadik Armagan
2019-08-30IVGCVSW-3507 Remove unsupported operation sectionsMike Kelly
2019-08-21IVGCVSW-3512 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 19.08Sadik Armagan
2019-08-05IVGCVSW-3340 Add support for Quantized_LSTM to HAL1.2 DriverEllen Norris-Thompson
2019-07-30IVGCVSW-3166 Add support for TransposeConv2D to 1.2 HalPolicyDavid Monahan
2019-07-30IVGCVSW-3592 Add Support for Quantize to HAL 1.2 DriverSadik Armagan
2019-07-22IVGCVSW-3140 Fix Hal 1.1 Softmax failures on Android QFrancis Murtagh
2019-07-16IVGCVSW-3305 Support Minimum in HAL1.2 DriverEllen Norris-Thompson
2019-07-15IVGCVSW-3306 Add Maximum support in HAL 1.2 driverNarumol Prangnawarat
2019-07-08IVGCVSW-3197 Support SPACE_TO_DEPTH on AndroidKeith Davis
2019-07-05IVGCVSW-3370 Add broadcasting support to PReLU to properly run the Android VT...Matteo Martincigh
2019-07-05IVGCVSW-3295 Support ResizeNearestNeighbour in HAL1.2 driverAron Virginas-Tar
2019-06-18Update documentation with dilated CONV_2D and DEPTHWISE_CONV_2DAron Virginas-Tar
2019-06-18IVGCVSW-3189 NNAPI Documentation UpdateMike Kelly
2019-06-05Correct NnapiSupport.txt wrt QSYMM16Matthew Bentham
2019-05-30IVGCVSW-3146 Update to NNapiSupport.txt to indicate support forDavid Monahan
2019-05-24IVGCVSW-3093 Update NNAPISupport.txt to reflect Depthwise_Conv2d and Conv_2d ...v19.05branches/android-nn-driver_19_05nikraj01
2019-05-23IVGCVSW-3093 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 19.05nikraj01
2019-05-13Fix incorrect docs on API support levelMatthew Bentham
2018-12-21IVGCVSW-2166 Update NnapiSupport.txt for the new AndroidNN 1.1 operations.Sadik Armagan
2018-11-15IVGCVSW-2080 Fix documentation in NnapiSupport.txt (Remove unsupported)Ferran Balaguer
2018-11-15IVGCVSW-2080 Fix documentation in NnapiSupport.txtFerran Balaguer
2018-11-12IVGCVSW-2097: Document support for BatchToSpaceNdÉanna Ó Catháin
2018-11-09IVGCVSW-2096 Document support for SPACE_TO_BATCH_NDNattapat Chaimanowong
2018-10-22IVGCVSW-2020: Add converter method for TRANSPOSE to the V1.1 section of HalPo...saoste01
2018-10-22IVGCVSW-1961: Add converter method for SQUEEZE to V1.1 section of HalPolicysaoste01
2018-10-12IVGCVSW-949 Update docs wrt recent Uint8 supportMatthew Bentham
2018-08-31Release 18.08telsoa01
2018-05-23Release 18.05surmeh01