path: root/src/core/NEON/kernels/NEMinMaxLayerKernel.cpp
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2020-07-09COMPMID-3324: Adjusting capitalization of Arm copyright claim to reflect Arm ...Michele Di Giorgio
2019-09-16COMPMID-2646: Wrap thread-related structure to ease bare-metal supportGeorgios Pinitas
2019-05-01COMPMID-1995: Fix clang-tidy warningsMichalis Spyrou
2018-11-02COMPMID-1536: Github PR: Removed redundant const qualifier on castKohei Takahashi
2018-11-02COMPMID-970 : Remove QS8 / QS16 supportVidhya Sudhan Loganathan
2018-11-02COMPMID-754: Add validation to (De)QuantizationLayersAlex Gilday
2018-11-02COMPMID-959: Fix bug reset method NEMinMaxLayerIsabella Gottardi
2018-11-02COMPMID-864 Window::collapse_if_possible() is misused in several CL kernelsMichalis Spyrou
2018-11-02COMPMID-417: Fixed broken scons script to build bare_metal and related compil...Pablo Tello
2018-11-02COMPMID-439 - Refactored NEQuantizationLayer and NEQuantizationLayer in order...Gian Marco Iodice