path: root/arm_compute/core/Utils.h
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2020-07-09COMPMID-3324: Adjusting capitalization of Arm copyright claim to reflect Arm ...Michele Di Giorgio
2020-06-30COMPMID-3539: Ignore align_corners for scaled size of 1Sang-Hoon Park
2020-06-08COMPMID-3363, COMPMID-3364: Add align_corners support to nearest neighborSang-Hoon Park
2020-03-12COMPMID-3160: Add Bfloat16 support in NEGEMMConvolutionLayerGeorgios Pinitas
2020-03-05COMPMID-3152: Initial Bfloat16 supportGeorgios Pinitas
2020-02-26COMPMID-2774: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEReductionOperation, NEReduc...Luca Foschiani
2020-02-19COMPMID-2819: Add semantic versioningGeorgios Pinitas
2020-02-12COMPMID-2819: Avoid overflows in pooling shape calculationGeorgios Pinitas
2020-01-14COMPMID-2760: add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED to CLGEMMConvolutionLayerSang-Hoon Park
2020-01-08MLCE-139 add align_corners parameter to NEScaleSang-Hoon Park
2019-12-20COMPMID-2763 [CL] add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED to SoftmaxLayerSang-Hoon Park
2019-12-19COMPMID-2980 (Nightly) armv7a build failuresMichalis Spyrou
2019-12-04COMPMID-2826 Comply with DCL51-CPPMichalis Spyrou
2019-12-04COMPMID-2764: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEConvolutionLayer.Georgios Pinitas
2019-11-12COMPMID-2895: Remove QASYMM8_PER_CHANNEL data typeGeorgios Pinitas
2019-11-06COMPMID-2308: NEConvolutionLayer: support QUANT8_SYMM_PER_CHANNEL filtersGeorgios Pinitas
2019-10-30COMPMID-2707: add keep_dims parameter to Reduction OperationSang-Hoon Park
2019-09-16COMPMID-2646: Wrap thread-related structure to ease bare-metal supportGeorgios Pinitas
2019-08-28COMPMID-2605: Add asymmetric padding support for Deconvolution layerMatthew Jackson
2019-08-23COMPMID-2317: Add new QASYMM16 data typeMichele Di Giorgio
2019-08-22COMPMID-2417: Add new QASYMM8_PER_CHANNEL data typeMichalis Spyrou
2019-08-08COMPMID-2336 Extend validation for depthwise native and fix same pad calculatorGiorgio Arena
2019-07-05COMPMID-2432 Fix defects reported by CoverityMichalis Spyrou
2019-06-25COMPMID-2412: Add QSYMM16 support for ElementwiseAddition for CLMichele Di Giorgio
2019-06-20COMPMID-2408: Add QSYMM16 support for ElementwiseAddition for NEONManuel Bottini
2019-06-03COMPMID-2225: Add interface support for new quantized data types.Georgios Pinitas
2019-05-02COMPMID-2176: Add dilation support in calculate_same_pad()Pablo Tello
2019-02-12COMPMID-1934: Doxygen online documentation errors on FirefoxManuel Bottini
2019-02-01COMPMID-1710: Allow NHWC datalayout in SAME pad calculationIsabella Gottardi
2019-01-30COMPMID-1912: Print functions should be enabled in assert modegiuros01
2019-01-16COMPMID-1710 Move some Util functions to core/UtilsMichalis Spyrou
2018-12-12COMPMID-1697: NEPermute extended support for more cases.Pablo Tello
2018-12-04COMPMID-1824 Disable logging completely when building with logging=0Michalis Spyrou
2018-11-28COMPMID-1716: CL Comparison operationsGeorgios Pinitas
2018-11-02COMPMID-1413 - Improve the performance of GEMMLowp with 8 bit dot product on ...Gian Marco Iodice
2018-11-02COMPMID-1586: Add support for NHWC CLDeconvolutionLayerMichele Di Giorgio
2018-11-02COMPMID-1621 Deconvolution wrong output calculationMichalis Spyrou
2018-11-02[COMPMID-1229] Implementing Pad on OpenCL -FP32/FP16Giuseppe Rossini
2018-11-02COMPMID-1539 Implement YOLOLayer on CLGiorgio Arena
2018-11-02COMPMID-1365: Add support for NHWC in CLDepthConcatenateLayerGeorgios Pinitas
2018-11-02COMPMID-970 : Remove QS8 / QS16 supportVidhya Sudhan Loganathan
2018-11-02COMPMID-970 : Remove QS8 / QS16 supportVidhya Sudhan Loganathan
2018-11-02COMPMID-803: Add NHWC data format support for CL batch normalisationMichele Di Giorgio
2018-11-02COMPMID-1017: Implement dilated convolution in NEON, OpenCL, and GCAlex Gilday
2018-11-02COMPMID-1008: Fix Doxygen issuesAlex Gilday
2018-11-02COMPMID-582: Add validation to channel_extract kernels.Ioan-Cristian Szabo
2018-11-02Revert "COMPMID-582: Add validation to channel_extract kernels."Anthony Barbier
2018-11-02COMPMID-582: Add validation to channel_extract kernels.Ioan-Cristian Szabo
2018-11-02COMPMID-873: Integrate RSH NEON Depthwise Convolution routineGeorgios Pinitas
2018-11-02IVGCVSW-798 Add Softmax NEON support for QASYMM8Diego Lopez Recas