AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-02COMPMID-2642: Update documentation for 19.08v19.08Gian Marco Iodice
2019-08-31COMPMID-2640: Fix performance regression for Resnet101 Int8 on NEONGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-30COMPMID-2636: Fix Depthwise convolution layer validation testGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-27Fixed the release versionGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-26COMPMID-2336: Validate multiplier and offset calculation in LSTMQuantized and...Michele Di Giorgio
2019-08-23COMPMID-2336: Update GEMM codeMichalis Spyrou
2019-08-22COMPMID-2555: Release notes 19.08Gian Marco Iodice
2019-08-22COMPMID-2602: FullyConnected VTS failure on CL and Neon TENSOR_QUANT8_ASYMMGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-21COMPMID-2596 MobilenetSSD produce wrong resultsMichalis Spyrou
2019-08-20COMPMID-2492 Fix Segfault in NEDeconvolutionLayer for NHWCSiCong Li
2019-08-20COMPMID-2604: (Nightly) Failing 'GC/ConvolutionLayer/ConfigurationGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-20COMPMID-2597: Checking bias type in NEDeconvolutionLayer::validate even when ...Manuel Bottini
2019-08-20COMPMID-2590: Avg_Pooling2d Fails on CL NHWC FP16Michele Di Giorgio
2019-08-19COMPMID-2568: NEON Convolution layer failuregiuros01
2019-08-19COMPMID-2336: Fix call to validate in NEDeconvolutionLayerMichele Di Giorgio
2019-08-19COMPMID-2595: (Nightly) Mismatches in NEArgMinMax for FP16Michele Di Giorgio
2019-08-19COMPMID-2598: Change fill range for Winograd fixtureGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14Create release submoduleGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14Switch data submodule to the public_data branch of the data repositoryIsabella Gottardi
2019-08-14Remove FIXME from example/SConscriptGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14Added data submoduleGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14Update Doxygen versionGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14Increment SONAME version and update release versionGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14Remove blocks of codes / files which are marked as INTERNAL_ONLYGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14COMPMID-2553: Update readmeGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14Update LICENSEGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14Remove tests/benchmark_examples, tests/validate_examples and corresponding bu...Gian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14Remove 3dparty folder and submoduleGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-14COMPMID-2582: Disable fuse batch normalization on OpenCL for FP16Gian Marco Iodice
2019-08-13COMPMID-2569: Fix access window in NEGEMMTranspose1xWKernel and NEGEMMLowpMat...Michele Di Giorgio
2019-08-13COMPMID-2580: Fix out of bound read in Depthwise Convolution layer (OpenCL)Gian Marco Iodice
2019-08-13COMPMID-2561: Fix GEMM heuristicGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-09COMPMID-2547: CLSpaceToBatchLayer causes NN Test Failures on QUANT8_ASYMM Dat...Michele Di Giorgio
2019-08-08COMPMID-2336 Extend validation for depthwise native and fix same pad calculatorGiorgio Arena
2019-08-08COMPMID-2546: Fix kernel name tag invalid ptr for NEGEMMAssemblyWrapperKernel.hGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-07COMPMID-2494: Specify Cygwin version in documentation.Pablo Tello
2019-08-06COMPMID-2526: Disabled Winograd when padding > half_kernel_sizePablo Tello
2019-08-06COMPMID-1849: Implement CPPDetectionPostProcessLayerIsabella Gottardi
2019-08-06COMPMID-2336 Fix valgrind error for BatchNormalizationLayer on NEON with NHWC...Giorgio Arena
2019-08-05COMPMID-2545: Reduce tests required by GEMM (OpenCL)Gian Marco Iodice
2019-08-05COMPMID-2544 Add deprecation note to DepthwiseSeparableConvolutionLayer for C...Giorgio Arena
2019-08-05COMPMID-2336: Fix clang-tidy issues.Georgios Pinitas
2019-08-02COMPMID-2539: Add bias addition check in CLGEMM validationGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-02COMPMID-2525: Remove configuration time from AlexNet and Inception examplesGian Marco Iodice
2019-08-01COMPMID-2527: Remove activation function validation in CLWinogradConvolutionL...Gian Marco Iodice
2019-08-01COMPMID-2336: Fix build issues.Georgios Pinitas
2019-08-01COMPMID-2055: Fusion of ConvolutionLayer with BatchNormalization at graph onl...Manuel Bottini
2019-08-01COMPMID-2499 : 3rdparty submodule url is incorrectVidhya Sudhan Loganathan
2019-08-01COMPMID-1979: Fuse Activation Function in CLGEMM - part 4Gian Marco Iodice
2019-07-31COMPMID-2493: Update qs8 in Depthwise assemblyGeorgios Pinitas