AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-25Update errata with failures in CLCast and CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyReshapedOnlyRHS...v21.02branches/arm_compute_21_02Michele Di Giorgio
2021-02-24Add errata for failure in quantized CLFullyConnectedLayerMichele Di Giorgio
2021-02-23Avoid division with zero on CLGEMM lhs/rhs configurationGeorgios Pinitas
2021-02-23Update release note for data type decouplingGiorgio Arena
2021-02-22Update release notes with performance regression on G77 and updated toolchainGiorgio Arena
2021-02-22Remove 'actual's from building documentationGiorgio Arena
2021-02-22Comply with Trademark rules for use of Neon, Arm and MaliSheri Zhang
2021-02-21Disable strict overflow warning for tensor_elem_atGiorgio Arena
2021-02-19Update Release NotesGiorgio Arena
2021-02-19Fix tolerance for NEReduceMean on aarch64Giorgio Arena
2021-02-19Free _gemm_output_3d's memory region after run()Giorgio Arena
2021-02-18Set CLDirectConvolutionLayerKernel NCHW _border_size to input paddingGiorgio Arena
2021-02-18Set _gemm_output_3d's padding as the output's in NEGEMMConvolutionLayerGiorgio Arena
2021-02-17Update SONAME_VERSIONGiorgio Arena
2021-02-17Update deprecation noticesGiorgio Arena
2021-02-17Update LICENCEGiorgio Arena
2021-02-17Redirect issues to Github onlyMichele Di Giorgio
2021-02-16Handle Conv2d layer with implicit output padding in NHWCGeorgios Pinitas
2021-02-16Fix data layout retention and handling of leftovers when there is no paddingMichele Di Giorgio
2021-02-15Adding Android S optionTeresa Charlin
2021-02-11Building android-nn-driver failedManuel Bottini
2021-02-11Update OpenCL GEMM benchmark scriptGian Marco Iodice
2021-02-11Validate mlgo gemm type selection and fall back to default heuristicsSiCong Li
2021-02-10Fix tolerance issue in CL Winograd InputTransform FP16Manuel Bottini
2021-02-10Revert changes on tensor's strides and fix CLDepthwiseConvolution 3x3 QuantizedGiorgio Arena
2021-02-10Integrate MLGO into CLGEMMLowpMatrixMultiplyCore for native kernelSiCong Li
2021-02-10Decouple CpuPoolingKernel data type and data layoutSheri Zhang
2021-02-09Integrate MLGO into CLGEMM for reshaped kernelSiCong Li
2021-02-09Make Softmax kernels and operator statelessMichalis Spyrou
2021-02-09Add mlgo to graph examplesSiCong Li
2021-02-09Fix CLDepthwiseConvolutionLayer 3x3 QASYMM8Giorgio Arena
2021-02-09Fix Floating Point Exception for cl_gemm_reshapedManuel Bottini
2021-02-09Integrate MLGO into CLGEMM and CLGEMMLowpMatrixMultiplyCore: Part4SiCong Li
2021-02-09Integrate MLGO into CLGEMM and CLGEMMLowpMatrixMultiplyCore: Part3SiCong Li
2021-02-09Integrate MLGO into CLGEMM and CLGEMMLowpMatrixMultiplyCore: Part2SiCong Li
2021-02-09Report WBSM feature support in the documentationGian Marco Iodice
2021-02-09Integrate MLGO into CLGEMM and CLGEMMLowpMatrixMultiplyCore: Part1SiCong Li
2021-02-09ArmNN internal OOB failed to build ACL with the use of a deleted functionManuel Bottini
2021-02-08Make memset/copy functions state-lessSheri Zhang
2021-02-08Fix tolerance for NEON RNNLayerManuel Bottini
2021-02-08Make NEON Pooling kernels and functions state-lessMichele Di Giorgio
2021-02-05Update documentation for OpenCL kernel padding removalSheri Zhang
2021-02-05Fix tolerance for NEON RNNLayerManuel Bottini
2021-02-04Tweak scheduling use of SQDMULH in quantized AVG poolingMichele Di Giorgio
2021-02-04Fix unused variable compilation errorGiorgio Arena
2021-02-04Fix CL Compiler frontend failure for ArgMinMaxGiorgio Arena
2021-02-03Fix OpenCL direct convolutionGian Marco Iodice
2021-02-03Fix segfault in fsrcnn.tflite in GpuAccTeresa Charlin
2021-02-03Make CL Pooling kernels and functions state-lessMichele Di Giorgio
2021-02-03Add WBSM tuning to CLTunerManuel Bottini