AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-18Update release repository pinv20.08branches/arm_compute_20_08Sang-Hoon Park
2020-08-18Update release version in DoxygenSang-Hoon Park
2020-08-18Update Release VERSION in SConscriptSang-Hoon Park
2020-08-18Update SONAME_VERSION in SConscriptSang-Hoon Park
2020-08-18Remove blocks of codes / files which are marked as INTERNAL_ONLY and disable ...Sang-Hoon Park
2020-08-18Remove 3rdparty folder and submoduleSang-Hoon Park
2020-08-18COMPMID-3690: Update release noteSang-Hoon Park
2020-08-18COMPMID-3689: Update function list in doxygenSang-Hoon Park
2020-08-18COMPMID-3687: Remove deprecated functions in 20.05 releaseSang-Hoon Park
2020-08-13COMPMID-3702: Update documentationGian Marco Iodice
2020-08-13COMPMID-3743: Fix for benchmark_gemm_examples.shGian Marco Iodice
2020-08-12COMPMID-3608: Fix z index in gemmlowp_mm_reshaped_only kernelGian Marco Iodice
2020-08-12COMPMID-3337: Remove write paddings in both axes from CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyRes...Gian Marco Iodice
2020-08-12COMPMID-3456 Update gemm tuner documentationSiCong Li
2020-08-12COMPMID-3699: Nightly failure CL DirectConvolutionManuel Bottini
2020-08-11COMPMID-3339: Fix doxygen comments about VECTOR_SIZE and BOUNDARY_VECTOR_SIZESiCong Li
2020-08-11COMPMID-3335: Remove x/y-axis padding from CLGEMMReshapeLHSMatrixKernelGian Marco Iodice
2020-08-11COMPMID-3339: Patch2: Remove paddings from im2col*_nhwc cl kernelSiCong Li
2020-08-11COMPMID-3607: Fix softmax summation logic for QASYMM8_SIGNEDSang-Hoon Park
2020-08-11COMPMID-3339: Patch1: Fix incorrect select casting in im2col nhwc kernelsSiCong Li
2020-08-10COMPMID-3700: ArmNN OOB test failureSheri Zhang
2020-08-07COMPMID-3683: Fix performance regression on Mali-G76 (Fully connected)Gian Marco Iodice
2020-08-07COMPMID-3656: Disabled reduce_axis in LOG_SOFTMAX and SOFTMAXmorgolock
2020-08-06COMPMID-3652 Fix CLFullyConnectedLayer failure on S10SiCong Li
2020-08-06Added missing parameter num_groups to the validate call of NEConvolutionLayer.Alexander Jung
2020-08-05COMPMID-3516: Update documentation for new operators in 20.08Sheri Zhang
2020-08-05COMPMID-2450: Implement CLMaxUnpoolingLayerGian Marco Iodice
2020-08-05COMPMID-2479: Extend CLPoolingLayer max pooling to extract indicesSheri Zhang
2020-08-05COMPMID-3392: Collapse TensorMaps into a single TensorPackGeorgios Pinitas
2020-08-04COMPMID-3618 Add support for export_to_cl_image_rhs in GEMMTuner.pySiCong Li
2020-08-03COMPMID-3526: LOGISTIC support for values bigger than [-40.f,40.f]Michalis Spyrou
2020-07-31COMPMID-3653 CL GEMM kernel creation error on certain combinations of N and N0SiCong Li
2020-07-31COMPMID-3624: CTS failure on Resize quantized in Neon and CLMichele Di Giorgio
2020-07-31COMPMID-3324: Fix oclgrind warningsMichalis Spyrou
2020-07-29COMPMID-3585: Android R while_fib_n_5_quant8 failure on CpuAccMichele Di Giorgio
2020-07-29COMPMID-2078: Remove legacy TODOsGeorgios Pinitas
2020-07-28COMPMID-3385: Async support to CLArithmetic* kernels/functions Pt.2Michalis Spyrou
2020-07-28COMPMID-3575: Mixed preicision in NEInstanceNormalizationLayerKernelSang-Hoon Park
2020-07-24COMPMID-3385: Async support to CLArithmetic* kernels/functions Pt.1Michalis Spyrou
2020-07-24[ONCPUML-120]: Tweak of the launch heuristics for hybrid_u8u32_dot_16x4 kernelAleksandr Nikolaev
2020-07-24COMPMID-3393: Minor tweaks on memory injection interfaceGeorgios Pinitas
2020-07-23COMPMID-3578: Update FP32/int8 kernel selection.David Mansell
2020-07-22COMPMID-3600: Fix requantization in NEPixelWiseMultiplicationKernelMichele Di Giorgio
2020-07-22COMPMID-3549: GEMM Tuner - Validate input parametersEren Kopuz
2020-07-22COMPMID-3535: 9x9 Direct convolution support for CL and NHWCGeorgios Pinitas
2020-07-22COMPMID-3386: Support memory injection in CLConcatenate functions/kernelsMichele Di Giorgio
2020-07-21COMPMID-3390: Async support to CLStridedSliceLayerKernel kernels/functionsMichalis Spyrou
2020-07-21COMPMID-3326; Update heuristic for GEMMReshaped and GEMMReshapedOnlyRHSGian Marco Iodice
2020-07-21COMPMID-3600: MUL unit test failing with data type QUANT8_ASYMMSheri Zhang
2020-07-21COMPMID-3331 Remove y load padding from CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyReshapedOnlyRHSKe...SiCong Li