AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-28move ndrange.hpp header into arm_compute directoryv20.05branches/arm_compute_20_05Vincent ABRIOU
2020-05-27COMPMID-3508: issues with the document in the 20.05ACL RCMichele Di Giorgio
2020-05-26Update release_repository pin - p2Manuel Bottini
2020-05-26Update release_repository pinManuel Bottini
2020-05-26COMPMID-3424: Update Release NotesManuel Bottini
2020-05-26COMPMID-3499: Fix integer overflow for large GEMM on NEONSang-Hoon Park
2020-05-22COMPMID-3423: Update functions list in DoxygenManuel Bottini
2020-05-22COMPMID-3069: Removing deprecated functions and classes from 20.05 releaseManuel Bottini
2020-05-22Remove blocks of codes / files which are marked as INTERNAL_ONLY and Disable ...Manuel Bottini
2020-05-21Update SONAME_VERSION in SConscriptManuel Bottini
2020-05-21COMPMID-3069: Fix CLQLSTM configure argument orderMichalis Spyrou
2020-05-21Update release version in DoxygenManuel Bottini
2020-05-21Update Release VERSION in SConscriptManuel Bottini
2020-05-21Remove blocks of codes / files which are marked as INTERNAL_ONLY and Disable ...Manuel Bottini
2020-05-21Remove 3dparty folder and submoduleManuel Bottini
2020-05-20COMPMID-3491: ReduceMean not properly validating quantizationsManuel Bottini
2020-05-20COMPMID-3490 - Nightly fails: android armv7 microtask error - part2Manuel Bottini
2020-05-20COMPMID-3497: Fix build LSTMParams<TensorInfo>Sang-Hoon Park
2020-05-19COMPMID-3490 - Nightly fails: android armv7 microtask errorManuel Bottini
2020-05-15COMPMID-3289: Test improvement CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyReshapedKernel.morgolock
2020-05-15COMPMID-3457: vexp failure in QASYMM8_SIGNED overflowingmorgolock
2020-05-14COMPMID-3069: Align graph convolution implementation for CL and NEON.Georgios Pinitas
2020-05-14COMPMID-3295: Static input for ActivationLayer test suiteSang-Hoon Park
2020-05-14COMPMID-3290: Test improvement for CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyReshapedOnlyRHSKernelSheri Zhang
2020-05-13COMPMID-3483: Refactor NEDepthwiseConvolutionLayerNativeKernelMichalis Spyrou
2020-05-13COMPMID-3069: Fix CL nightly builds due to unused variableMichele Di Giorgio
2020-05-13COMPMID-3484: Regression in Transpose convolution Android R CTS test.Manuel Bottini
2020-05-13COMPMID-3128: Test improvement for GEMMConvolutionLayer on CL and NEON(Functi...Michele Di Giorgio
2020-05-13Introduce CL kernel cache featureInki Dae
2020-05-13COMPMID-3108: Add Winograd 3x3,4x4 FP16 support for NEONGeorgios Pinitas
2020-05-13COMPMID-3463 Refactor NECropKernelMichalis Spyrou
2020-05-13COMPMID-3464: Address NESoftmaxLayer failures for QASYMM8_SIGNEDGeorgios Pinitas
2020-05-12COMPMID-3439 Fix CLQLSTMLayerSiCong Li
2020-05-12COMPMID-3439: Fix peephole and projection in CLQLSTMLayerSang-Hoon Park
2020-05-12COMPMID-3442: Add support of negative axis in NESoftmaxLayer and reference codeSheri Zhang
2020-05-12COMPMID-3286: Test improvement for CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyKernelGian Marco Iodice
2020-05-12COMPMID-3470: Modify NE/CLQLSTMLayer interface to provide 3 outputsMichele Di Giorgio
2020-05-12IVGCVSW-4744 CTS: RandomGraphTest LargeGraph failures in CpuAcc HAL 1.2 and 1.3Sadik Armagan
2020-05-12COMPMID-3316: NEDeconvolutionLayer failing for a big inputManuel Bottini
2020-05-11COMPMID-3467: Zero-initialize std::array in ndrange.hppGeorgios Pinitas
2020-05-11COMPMID-3239: Fix projection and peephole in NEQLSTMLayerSang-Hoon Park
2020-05-10[ONCPUML-7] arm_compute support for ND parallelismJoseph Dobson
2020-05-07COMPMID-3459: Updated heuristic in CLGEMMReshapedOnlyRHSKernelGian Marco Iodice
2020-05-06COMPMID-3459: Update the heuristic for GEMV for F16 on Mali-G77Gian Marco Iodice
2020-05-06COMPMID-3069: Update gcc version to 6.3.1 and NDK to r18bMichele Di Giorgio
2020-05-06COMPMID-3434 Add SIMD support in gemmlowp_mm_nativeSiCong Li
2020-05-05COMPMID-3443: Android R CTS 1.3 QASYMM8_SIGNED failure with MEAN on CpuAccManuel Bottini
2020-05-05COMPMID-3428: Fixed Mali-G77 heuristic for GEMMReshapedOnlyRHS - f16Gian Marco Iodice
2020-05-05COMPMID-3288: Test improvement for CLGEMMReshapeRHSMatrixKernel (Kernel-level)Michalis Spyrou
2020-05-05COMPMID-3444: Fix CpuAcc Hal 1.3 PRelu failure issueSheri Zhang