AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-22Update release repository pinv19.11.1branches/arm_compute_19_11Michele Di Giorgio
2020-01-22COMPMID-3020: Update release notes for 19.11.1Michele Di Giorgio
2020-01-22COMPMID-3018: Update README for 19.11.1Michele Di Giorgio
2020-01-22Update Doxygen versionMichele Di Giorgio
2020-01-22Increment SONAME and update release versionMichele Di Giorgio
2020-01-22Update LICENSEMichele Di Giorgio
2020-01-20COMPMID-2819 Unary Operation VTS/CTS failures on CLMichalis Spyrou
2020-01-20COMPMID-2819: Retain layout in NEIm2ColKernelGeorgios Pinitas
2020-01-13COMPMID-2819: Fix offset in NEReductionOperationKernel.Pablo Tello
2020-01-10COMPMID-2819: Retain layout during configuration for multiple functions.Georgios Pinitas
2020-01-10COMPMID-2819: Fix data layout in NEScaleKernel for nhwc.Georgios Pinitas
2019-12-20COMPMID-2819: Retain data layout in NESpaceToDepth and NEDepthToSpaceGeorgios Pinitas
2019-12-20COMPMID-2819: Restrict cases where optimized NEPadLayer runs.Georgios Pinitas
2019-12-20COMPMID-2819: Retain configuration step data layout to avoid side-effects.Pablo Tello
2019-12-20COMPMID-2819: Retain configuration step data layout to avoid side-effects.Georgios Pinitas
2019-12-18COMPMID-2819: Perform sqrt in double domain for L2 pooling.Georgios Pinitas
2019-12-12COMPMID-2855: CLReduceMean throws error for invalid configsPablo Tello
2019-11-28COMPMID-2917 Update android toolchain in doxygen documentv19.11SiCong Li
2019-11-28COMPMID-2911 Fix doxygenSiCong Li
2019-11-28COMPMID-2911 Update README and Doxygen for 19.11SiCong Li
2019-11-26COMPMID-2944 Add erratum: NEON validation errors on android arch v8.2-aSiCong Li
2019-11-25COMPMID-2952: NEON failing with 'bus_error' on 32-bitGeorgios Pinitas
2019-11-25IVGBENCH-1661: Segfault on FP16 for NEONGeorgios Pinitas
2019-11-25COMPMID-2905 Add Errata section for the previous CLRuntimeContext hangSiCong Li
2019-11-25COMPMID-2956: 19.11 Nightly Fail: Validation mismatches on hikeyMichele Di Giorgio
2019-11-22COMPMID-2855: NEReduceMean throws error for invalid configsPablo Tello
2019-11-22COMPMID-2916 Create release_repository submoduleSiCong Li
2019-11-22COMPMID-2916 Switch data submodule to the public data branchSiCong Li
2019-11-22COMPMID-2916 Update Doxygen versionSiCong Li
2019-11-22COMPMID-2916 Update VERSION and SONAME_VERSIONSiCong Li
2019-11-22COMPMID-2916 Disable validation and benchmark tests by defaultSiCong Li
2019-11-22COMPMID-2916 Remove internal only build optionsSiCong Li
2019-11-22COMPMID-2916 Update LICENSESiCong Li
2019-11-22COMPMID-2943: Instance_Normalization VTS test on relaxed mode on GpuAccMichele Di Giorgio
2019-11-21COMPMID-2939 Keep benchmark_examples and validate_examplesSiCong Li
2019-11-21COMPMID-2920: NEInstanceNormalization fails on NHWC validationsManuel Bottini
2019-11-21COMPMID-2929: Resolve segfault at end of benchmark suite execution.Georgios Pinitas
2019-11-19COMPMID-2916 19.11 Release checklistSiCong Li
2019-11-18COMPMID-2853: Fix VGG16 for fp16.Georgios Pinitas
2019-11-18COMPMID-2919 add error message for zero stride valuesSang-Hoon Park
2019-11-14COMPMID-2924:Remove proprietary headerGiuseppe Rossini
2019-11-14COMPMID-2309 : CLConvolutionLayer: support QUANT8_SYMM_PER_CHANNEL filtersVidhya Sudhan Loganathan
2019-11-14COMPMID-2452: Add mnist exampleIsabella Gottardi
2019-11-14COMPMID-2905: Fixed benchmark graph segfault.Pablo Tello
2019-11-13COMPMID-2921 Performance regression on NEON Int8Giorgio Arena
2019-11-12COMPMID-2139: Update documentation about memory managerMichalis Spyrou
2019-11-12COMPMID-2897 CL LogSoftmax QASYMM8 pre-commit tests are intermittently failingGiorgio Arena
2019-11-12COMPMID-1730: Document best practicesMichele Di Giorgio
2019-11-12COMPMID-2895: Remove QASYMM8_PER_CHANNEL data typeGeorgios Pinitas
2019-11-12COMPMID-2690 Extend Doxygen documents to include GEMM TunerSiCong Li