AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-27COMPMID-1766: Fixed NonMaxSuppression reference.branches/arm_compute_19_02Pablo Tello
2019-02-25COMPMID-1710: Remove Soft Relu activation from large runs.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-22COMPMID-1710: Add FP16 support checks.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-21COMPMID-1710: Fix NEReductionOperation border values for QASYMM8.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-21COMPMID-1997: Add ACL logo to the documentation and README.mdIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-20COMPMID-1710 Reduce Tile test sizesMichalis Spyrou
2019-02-20COMPMID-1710: Fix DepthConcatenate reference with different quantizationGeorgios Pinitas
2019-02-20COMPMID-1710: Quantization information missmatching issues.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-20COMPMID-2007: Compilation failures with ndk16b.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-20COMPMID-1918: Different qinfos support in CLConcatLayerPablo Tello
2019-02-19COMPMID-2006: NEON GEMMLowp assertion failure.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-18COMPMID-2005: Tensors have different quantization information.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-18COMPMID-1999: Add support for GenerateProposals operator in CLManuel Bottini
2019-02-18COMPMID-1710 fix CL context creationJohn Kesapides
2019-02-15COMPMID-1710: Add check on different input/output quantization info were not ...Isabella Gottardi
2019-02-15COMPMID-1710: Fix CL logistic activation for QASYMM8Michele Di Giorgio
2019-02-15COMPMID-1710 Reduce Im2Col nightly validation sizesMichalis Spyrou
2019-02-15COMPMID-1766: Implemented CPP Non Max SuppressionPablo Tello
2019-02-15Revert "COMPMID-1329: Add support for GenerateProposals operator in CL"Giuseppe Rossini
2019-02-15Revert "COMPMID-1766: Implemented CPP Non Max Suppression"Pablo Marquez
2019-02-15COMPMID-1987: 19.02 Release notesIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-14COMPMID-1710 Remove 4K image from nightly datasetMichalis Spyrou
2019-02-14COMPMID-1996: Update documenation for doxgen 1.8.15Manuel Bottini
2019-02-13COMPMID-1993: Remove GEMMInterleave4x4 benchmarkIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-13COMPMID-1985: Update Readme for 19.02 ReleaseIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-12COMPMID-1981: fixed Nightly DepthConcatenate QASMM8 mismatchesPablo Tello
2019-02-12COMPMID-1919: Opencl - Tuning with Instrumentation does not workVidhya Sudhan Loganathan
2019-02-12COMPMID-1934: Doxygen online documentation errors on FirefoxManuel Bottini
2019-02-12COMPMID-1918: Fixed mismatches in NEDepthConcatenateLayerPablo Tello
2019-02-12Create a release_repository submoduleIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-12Switch data submodule to the public_data branch of the data repositoryIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-12Increment SONAME version and update release version in the SConscriptIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-12Remove blocks of codes / files which are marked as INTERNAL_ONLYIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-12Remove tests/benchmark_examples, tests/validate_examples and corresponding bu...Isabella Gottardi
2019-02-12Remove 3rdparty submoduleIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-11COMPMID-1710 Fix NEON LSTM invalid allocationMichalis Spyrou
2019-02-08COMPMID-1710 Use system_clock in WallClockMichalis Spyrou
2019-02-08COMPMID-1859: Avoid unnecessary padding in CLWidthConcatenate[2,4]TensorsKernelMichele Di Giorgio
2019-02-08COMPMID-1710: Fix LSTMLayerFixtureMichele Di Giorgio
2019-02-08COMPMID-1918: Different qinfos support in NEConcatLayer.Pablo Tello
2019-02-08COMPMID-1916: Add support for QASYMM8 LOGISTIC activation in NEActivationLayerIsabella Gottardi
2019-02-07COMPMID-1923: Input is ignored if peephole optimization is enabled inGeorgios Pinitas
2019-02-07COMPMID-1706: Fuse the bias addition within CLGEMMMichele Di Giorgio
2019-02-06COMPMID-1920: Failure exit order destruction when CLTuner enabled.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-06COMPMID-1915: Deconvolution doesn't work when inner_dimension_top != 0 or inn...giuros01
2019-02-06COMPMID-1924: Validate quantization info in pooling layer.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-06COMPMID-1838: Add 4D softmax support for NEON and achieve parity with CLManuel Bottini
2019-02-04COMPMID-1910: Improve CLTuner reducing the number of LWS to testGian Marco Iodice
2019-02-04COMPMID-1710: Introduce GEMM strategy name in GEMMAssemblyWrapper.Georgios Pinitas
2019-02-04COMPMID-1913: Add names to all graph examplesGeorgios Pinitas