AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
18 min.COMPMID-2819: Remove use of std::bind1st as is deprecated since C++11HEADmasterGeorgios Pinitas
22 hoursCOMPMID-2985 add data_layout to PoolingLayerInfoSang-Hoon Park
47 hoursCOMPMID-2819: Fix supported types in DepthwiseReshapeKernelMichalis Spyrou
5 daysCOMPMID-2809 Added support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEUpsampleLayerLuca Foschiani
6 daysCOMPMID-3020: Update release notes for 19.11.1Michele Di Giorgio
6 daysCOMPMID-3018: Update README for 19.11.1Michele Di Giorgio
6 daysCOMPMID-2772: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEPoolingLayerManuel Bottini
6 daysCOMPMID-2923 Integrate arm_gemm per channel quantizationMichalis Spyrou
6 daysCOMPMID-3022 Fix NEON QASYMM8 Reduction OperationMichalis Spyrou
6 daysUpdate LICENSEMichele Di Giorgio
7 daysCOMPMID-2819: Change PixelValue constructor to use int64_tMichalis Spyrou
8 daysCOMPMID-2969: Update directory structure in doxygen.Georgios Pinitas
8 daysCOMPMID-2941 Add QAsymm8 and S32 support for ArgMinMax to CLMichalis Spyrou
8 daysCOMPMID-2819: Fix const interface of IMemoryRegion.Georgios Pinitas
9 daysCOMPMID-2819 Unary Operation VTS/CTS failures on CLMichalis Spyrou
12 daysCOMPMID-2985 change PoolingLayerInfo to structSang-Hoon Park
13 daysCOMPMID-3013: Transpose Convolution 2D VTS/CTS failures on CLGiuseppe Rossini
13 daysCOMPMID-2994: Add support QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEComparisonOperationKernelmorgolock
13 daysCOMPMID-2856 Add PrintLayer at graph levelGiorgio Arena
13 daysCOMPMID-2766: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEDepthwiseConvolutionLayerMichele Di Giorgio
14 daysCOMPMID-2819: Retain layout in NEIm2ColKernelGeorgios Pinitas
2020-01-15COMPMID-3007: Nightly CLGEMM fails in creating kernel on firefly64Michele Di Giorgio
2020-01-15COMPMID-2759 add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED to CLFullyConnectedLayerSang-Hoon Park
2020-01-14COMPMID-2991: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in CL kernels/functions - part 2Michele Di Giorgio
2020-01-14COMPMID-2755: update CLConvolutionLayer's doxygen and test for QASYMM8_SIGNEDSang-Hoon Park
2020-01-14COMPMID-2760: add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED to CLGEMMConvolutionLayerSang-Hoon Park
2020-01-14COMPMID-3006 (Nightly) Build failureMichalis Spyrou
2020-01-14COMPMID-2790: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in CLGEMMLowpMatrixMultiplyCoreManuel Bottini
2020-01-14COMPMID-2994: Add support QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEElementwiseSquareDiffmorgolock
2020-01-14COMPMID-2769: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEFullyConnectedLayerMichele Di Giorgio
2020-01-14COMPMID-2727: Add support for split sizes in NESplitKurtis Charnock
2020-01-13COMPMID-3005: Test error: CL/DeconvolutionLayer/Quantized/QASYMM8/W3x3Manuel Bottini
2020-01-13COMPMID-2728: Add support for split sizes in CLSplitKurtis Charnock
2020-01-13COMPMID-2819: Fix nightly build failure in bare metalMichalis Spyrou
2020-01-10COMPMID-2986: Extend test framework options.Georgios Pinitas
2020-01-10COMPMID-2800: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEDepthwiseConvolutionLayer3x...Michele Di Giorgio
2020-01-10COMPMID-2994: Add support QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEElementwiseMinmorgolock
2020-01-10COMPMID-2819: Retain layout during configuration for multiple functions.Georgios Pinitas
2020-01-10COMPMID-2819: Fix offset in NEReductionOperationKernel.Pablo Tello
2020-01-10COMPMID-3006 (Nightly) Android build failureMichalis Spyrou
2020-01-10MLCE-139 add align_corners parameter handling to CLScaleSang-Hoon Park
2020-01-10COMPMID-2799 Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in NECastLuca Foschiani
2020-01-09COMPMID-2819: Fix compiler error in mastermorgolock
2020-01-09COMPMID-3000 (Nightly) Bare metal debug build failuresMichalis Spyrou
2020-01-09COMPMID-2753: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in CL kernels/functionsManuel Bottini
2020-01-09COMPMID-2994: Add support QASYMM8_SIGNED in NEElementwiseMaxmorgolock
2020-01-08MLCE-139 add align_corners parameter to NEScaleSang-Hoon Park
2020-01-08COMPMID-3000 (Nightly) Bare metal debug build failuresMichalis Spyrou
2020-01-08COMPMID-2819: Fix data layout in NEScaleKernel for nhwc.Georgios Pinitas
2020-01-06COMPMID-2757: Add support for QASYMM8_SIGNED in CLDepthwiseConvolutionLayerMichele Di Giorgio