AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
23 hoursCOMPMID-2452: Fix CLDepthwiseConvolutionLayerNativeKernelHEADmasterMichele Di Giorgio
46 hoursCOMPMID-2486: Fix bare arm64-v8.2-a buildsMichalis Spyrou
2 daysCOMPMID-2708 NEDepthwiseConvolution Generic: support for QUANT8_PER_CHANNEL_SYMMGiorgio Arena
2 daysCOMPMID-2744 [CL] add support for 9x9 quantized direct convolutionSang-Hoon Park
5 daysCOMPMID-2452: Update documentation for Weights ManagerMichalis Spyrou
5 daysCOMPMID-2209: Update documentation for RuntimeContext.Georgios Pinitas
5 daysCOMPMID-2486: Fix bare metal buildsMichalis Spyrou
5 daysRevert "COMPMID-1816: Use parallel reduction on 0 axis in CL ARG_MIN/ARG_MAX"Manuel Bottini
5 daysRevert "COMPMID-2742: [CL] ArgMinMax clCreateKernel error"Manuel Bottini
6 daysCOMPMID-2486: Remove/add disabled compiler warningsMichalis Spyrou
6 daysCOMPMID-2452: fixed linker error when cppscheduler=0Pablo Tello
6 daysCOMPMID-2813: Update the heuristic in CLDepthWiseConvolutionLayerGian Marco Iodice
7 daysCOMPMID-2452: NEInstanceNormalization test tolerance fixManuel Bottini
7 daysCOMPMID-2452: Change names for internal benchmarksGeorgios Pinitas
7 daysCOMPMID-2265 add support for Log Softmax to NEONSang-Hoon Park
7 daysCOMPMID-2486: Remove disabled compiler warningsMichalis Spyrou
7 daysCOMPMID-2741: [CL] GEMMMatrixMultiplyReshaped clCreateKernel ErrorGeorgios Pinitas
8 daysCOMPMID-2205: CL runtime context.Pablo Tello
8 daysCOMPMID-2600: Implement a new and generic depthwise convolution for CL QASYMM...Michele Di Giorgio
9 daysCOMPMID-2742: [CL] ArgMinMax clCreateKernel errorManuel Bottini
12 daysCOMPMID-2743: Mark 9x9 quantized direct convolutions as unsupported in CLGeorgios Pinitas
12 daysCOMPMID-2697: Dynamic Tensors Type2 test caseGeorgios Pinitas
12 daysCOMPMID-2452: Remove unnecessary checks from CLWinogradOutputTransformKernelMichele Di Giorgio
12 daysCOMPMID-2306: CLDepthwiseConvolution: support for QUANT8_PER_CHANNEL_SYMM - R...Michele Di Giorgio
2019-10-08COMPMID-2452: Change names for internal benchmarksGeorgios Pinitas
2019-10-08COMPMID-2486: Remove disabled compiler warningsMichalis Spyrou
2019-10-07COMPMID-2452: Mismatches FP16 in CL InstanceNormalizationManuel Bottini
2019-10-04COMPMID-2687: Update doc for thread-safetyGeorgios Pinitas
2019-10-04COMPMID-2572: Update the heuristic in CLGEMM for FP16Gian Marco Iodice
2019-10-04COMPMID-2103: Use substreams for sharing weights in the DeepSpeech exampleMichalis Spyrou
2019-10-04COMPMID-1816: Use parallel reduction on 0 axis in CL ARG_MIN/ARG_MAXManuel Bottini
2019-10-03COMPMID-2685: [CL] Use Weights managerMichalis Spyrou
2019-10-02COMPMID-2661: Implement complex function dynamic tensor support.Georgios Pinitas
2019-10-02COMPMID-2257: Add support for QASYMM8 in NEGenerateProposalsMichele Di Giorgio
2019-10-01COMPMID-2699: Add support for QASYMM16 in NEQuantizationLayerMichele Di Giorgio
2019-10-01COMPMID-2313: Implement CL INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION functionManuel Bottini
2019-10-01COMPMID-2693 Weights manager to mark the initial weights as unsuedMichalis Spyrou
2019-10-01COMPMID-2645: Detection Post-Process fixesGeorgios Pinitas
2019-10-01INFPRF-609:Performance Issue of the Latest ArmCLgiuros01
2019-10-01COMPMID-2601 [CL] add mixed precision support to PoolingLayerSang-Hoon Park
2019-10-01COMPMID-2592 Create a new kernel for CLPad with SYMMETRIC and REFLECT modeGiorgio Arena
2019-10-01COMPMID-2581: Fuse batch normalization with convolution and depthwise convolu...giuros01
2019-09-30COMPMID-2452: Dot product optimizations on merge/transformsGeorgios Pinitas
2019-09-30COMPMID-2671: Change ArgMinMax NEON/CL output type to Signed32Michele Di Giorgio
2019-09-30COMPMID-2637 [CL] fix broadcast pixel-wise multiplication with 5D tensorsSang-Hoon Park
2019-09-30COMPMID-2452: Fix compilation issues on armclangGeorgios Pinitas
2019-09-30COMPMID-2564 - Add CLGEMMNative exampleSiCong Li
2019-09-30COMPMID-2571: Add mixed-precision support in CLGEMMReshaped for FP16Gian Marco Iodice
2019-09-27COMPMID-2663: Interface to unbound mappings.Georgios Pinitas
2019-09-27COMPMID-2565 - Add CLGEMMReshaped exampleSiCong Li