BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branches/armnn_19_08IVGCVSW-4286 Update version number to 19.08.01Kevin May14 months
branches/armnn_19_11IVGCVSW-4156 Remove backend dependency on ProfilingService.hppJim Flynn13 months
branches/armnn_20_02IVGCVSW-4475 Update BuildGuideAndroidNDK.mdNarumol Prangnawarat12 months
branches/armnn_20_05IVGCVSW-4801: Updating Doxygen project version for 20.05 release.Colm Donelan9 months
branches/armnn_20_08Update Doxygen Project VersionRyan OShea6 months
branches/armnn_20_11IVGCVSW-5348 Update Doxygen DocuJames Ward3 months
branches/armnn_21_02MLCE-356 'Documentation issue on CrossCompilation guide'Francis Murtagh8 days
experimental/QuantizerStuffBuild graph->inputIds/outputIds with layerBindingId instead of layerIndexTee Jung13 months
gh-pagesIVGCVSW-5687 Update Doxygen DocuJan Eilers5 days
masterMake SubgraphViewSelector give deterministic resultsRob Hughes15 hours
v21.02armnn-21.02.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj5 days
v20.11armnn-20.11.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj3 months
v20.08armnn-20.08.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj6 months
v20.05armnn-20.05.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj9 months
v20.02armnn-20.02.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj12 months
v19.11.1armnn-19.11.1.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj13 months
v19.08.1armnn-19.08.1.tar.gz  Sadik Armagan13 months
v19.11armnn-19.11.tar.gz  Nikhil Raj15 months
v19.08armnn-19.08.tar.gz  Surabhi Mehta18 months
v19.05armnn-19.05.tar.gz  Surabhi Mehta21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
15 hoursMake SubgraphViewSelector give deterministic resultsHEADmasterRob Hughes
5 daysThis application allow to benchmark tflite models by providing average infere...Jim Flynn
5 daysIVGCVSW-5401 Implement the FILL operatorSadik Armagan
6 daysMLECO-1253: update ASR example python appNina Drozd
8 daysMLCE-356 'Documentation issue on CrossCompilation guide'Francis Murtagh
8 daysMinor doc updatesNikhil Raj
8 daysIVGCVSW-5695 Update supported operatorsJan Eilers
11 daysIVGCVSW-5682 Add Deprecation NotificationJan Eilers
11 daysGive unique names to debug layersRob Hughes
11 daysFix TransformIterator operator=Rob Hughes