BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branches/armnn_18_11IVGCVSW-2205 Fixed a bug in DepthWiseConv workload where NCHW layout was assumedMohamed Nour Abouelseoud10 months
branches/armnn_19_02IVGCVSW-2598 Update attribute to use num_splitSaoirse Stewart7 months
branches/armnn_19_05NNXSW-1697 Remove use of SubgraphView that may become invalid.Rob Hughes8 weeks
branches/armnn_19_08IVGCVSW-3656 Build the reference backend by defaultMatteo Martincigh3 weeks
branches/nhwc-previewMLCE-65: Update layout issue on Depthwisesaoste0110 months
experimental/matteoIVGCVSW-2691 Add Serialize/Deseralize Gather layerSaoirse Stewart6 months
experimental/nhwc-previewIVGCVSW-2056+IVGCVSW-2064 : move ClContextControl to the ClBackendDavid Beck10 months
experimental/transpose_conv2dIVGCVSW-3322 Add Quantizer support for TransposeConvolution2DLayerAron Virginas-Tar3 months
masterIVGCVSW-3691 Rework the CounterDirectory class to take into considerationMatteo Martincigh9 hours
v19.08armnn-19.08.tar.gz  Surabhi Mehta2 weeks
v19.05armnn-19.05.tar.gz  Surabhi Mehta4 months
v19.02armnn-19.02.tar.gz  telsoa016 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 hoursIVGCVSW-3691 Rework the CounterDirectory class to take into considerationHEADmasterMatteo Martincigh
12 hoursIVGCVSW-3877 Reduce code duplication in TestNameOnlyLayerVisitorAron Virginas-Tar
16 hoursIVGCVSW-3875 Add frontend for SLICE layerAron Virginas-Tar
33 hoursIVGCVSW-3694 Add ArgMinMax implementation for RefNarumol Prangnawarat
35 hoursIVGCVSW-3826: Implement IProfiling functionsFinnWilliamsArm
37 hoursFix typo int comment surrounding constructor in ResizeLayer.hppAron Virginas-Tar
38 hoursIVGCVSW-3687 Add INetworkProperties to LoadNetworkDavid Monahan
39 hoursIVGCVSW-3868 Add support of Int32 to Reshape layerNarumol Prangnawarat
39 hoursIVGCVSW-3858 Fix RefTensorHandleTests on Raspberry PiAron Virginas-Tar
39 hoursSplit out basic CaptureData unit tests from Holder testsMatthew Bentham