AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-15IVGCVSW-4315 Fix Fully Connected infer output shape bugv19.11.1branches/android-nn-driver_19_11FinnWilliamsArm
2019-12-19IVGCVSW-4301 Correctly validate reshape for broadcastable inputsDerek Lamberti
2019-12-18IVGCVSW-4271 Add getSupportedOperations marker fileJim Flynn
2019-12-18IVGCVSW-4262 Add Calls to IsReshapeSupported and IsPermuteSupportedKevin May
2019-12-17Catch std::exception instead of armnn::ExceptionMike Kelly
2019-12-05IVGCVSW-4041 Adding Instance Normalization issue to FAQv19.11Mike Kelly
2019-12-05MLCE-149 Failure to build armnn 19.08 obtained from githubMike Kelly
2019-12-05Add FAQ for android-nn-driver, refactor READMEMatthew Bentham
2019-11-27IVGCVSW-4204 Review NNAPISupport.txt for 19.11Teresa Charlin
2019-11-27MLCE-144 Fix 2d pooling convert functionFinnWilliamsArm
2019-11-21IVGCVSW-4151 HAL 1_2 Dequantize FP32 Per Channel Tests on CpuAcc FailingSadik Armagan
2019-11-19IVGCVSW-3697 Add Support for ANEURALNETWORKS_ARG[MAX|MIN] to HAL 1.2 DriverFrancis Murtagh
2019-11-19MLCE-144 Cts NNAPI test cases failedMike Kelly
2019-11-19IVGCVSW-4137 Failing LSTM android-nn-driver Unit Tests in HAL 1.2Sadik Armagan
2019-11-18IVGCVSW-4056 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 19.11Aron Virginas-Tar
2019-11-18IVGCVSW-4139 Fix regression in ConvertDequantize()Aron Virginas-Tar
2019-11-15IVGCVSW-4082 Document support of per-axis quantisationTeresa Charlin
2019-11-15IVGCVSW-4115 Fix for armnn-driver-tests Capabilities failureKevin May
2019-11-13IVGCVSW-4051 Update ACL pin to 94e0cf960ea6116eb57fa88d9b951f859b52c602James Conroy
2019-11-12IVGCVSW-4079 Modify the channel dimension accordingly with the weights permut...Teresa Charlin
2019-11-08IVGCVSW-4069 Add ProfilingGuid to Networkjaneil01
2019-11-08IVGCVSW-3987 Fix for potential unique_ptr.release() bugKevin May
2019-11-07IVGCVSW-4104 Support per-axis quantization for GROUPED_CONV2DAron Virginas-Tar
2019-11-07IVGCVSW-4104 Skip per-axis quantization VTS/NeruralNetworks tests for GROUPED...Aron Virginas-Tar
2019-11-07MLCE-133 Fixed ASR hero use-casePablo Tello
2019-11-06IVGCVSW-3841 Add support for per-axis quantizationAron Virginas-Tar
2019-11-01MLCE-143 Fix for reference implementation for service stopping when running CTS.Teresa Charlin
2019-10-30IVGCVSW-3805 Add Comparison support to the android-nn-driverAron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-29Improve logging in hal_1_2::HalPolicy::ConvertResize()Aron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-18Github #275 Improved getting ArmNN's version at compile timeMatteo Martincigh
2019-10-17Move version definition to its own fileMatteo Martincigh
2019-10-15IVGCVSW-3894 Add support for LOG_SOFTMAX to the HAL 1.2 driverAron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-10IVGCVSW-3891 Remove FLOAT16 from the list of supported types for INSTANCE_NOR...Aron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-09IVGCVSW-3891 Add support for INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION to the HAL1.2 Android driverAron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-04IVGCVSW-3818 Support Group convolution from AndroidTeresa Charlin
2019-10-04IVGCVSW-3889 Add ACL source files required for ClInstanceNormalizationWorkloadAron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-03IVGCVSW-3947 Update ACL pin to 79f88e6d825402388bb79fc123ee2dfe01985bdaAron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-02IVGCVSW-3737 Add support for converting DEPTH_TO_SPACEAron Virginas-Tar
2019-10-01IVGCVSW-3873 Update ACL pinNarumol Prangnawarat
2019-09-16IVGCVSW-3663 Add EXPAND_DIMS to the android-nn-driverNarumol Prangnawarat
2019-09-13IVGCVSW-3873 Update ACL pinSadik Armagan
2019-09-10IVGCVSW-3833 Add RSQRT to list of supported operators in NnapiSupport.txtAron Virginas-Tar
2019-09-10IVGCVSW-3832 Implement ConvertRsqt() method in 1.2/HalPolicy.cppAron Virginas-Tar
2019-09-09IVGCVSW-3746 Add Android NN Driver support for ABSKevin May
2019-09-04IVGCVSW-3660 Add SQRT to the android-nn-driverSadik Armagan
2019-09-03IVGCVSW-3686 Update ACL pinMatteo Martincigh
2019-08-30IVGCVSW-3507 Remove unsupported operation sectionsMike Kelly
2019-08-29IVGCVSW-3656 Undo wrong rename of the backend control macrosMatteo Martincigh
2019-08-27IVGCVSW-3656 Rename ARMCOMPUTEREF to ARMNNREFMatteo Martincigh