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2019-05-24IVGCVSW-3093 Update NNAPISupport.txt to reflect Depthwise_Conv2d and Conv_2d ...v19.05branches/android-nn-driver_19_05nikraj01
2019-05-23IVGCVSW-3138 Update README.md in android-nn-driverMike Kelly
2019-05-23IVGCVSW-3116 Fix failing NN Driver Tests on Android QKevin May
2019-05-23IVGCVSW-3093 Update NNAPISupport.txt for 19.05nikraj01
2019-05-22IVGCVSW-2911 Add Android Q support to android-nn-driver infrastructureSadik Armagan
2019-05-21IVGCVSW-3127 Add Documentation for NN-Driver Android QKevin May
2019-05-20IVGCVSW-3125 Deprecate CreateMergerDescriptorForConcatenation functionJim Flynn
2019-05-16IVGCVSW-3089 Update Compute Library to Android.bpNarumol Prangnawarat
2019-05-14Use the new deprecation APIMatteo Martincigh
2019-05-14IVGCVSW-3076 Add ConcatLayer methods to public APIJim Flynn
2019-05-13Fix incorrect docs on API support levelMatthew Bentham
2019-05-13IVGCVSW-3064 Implementing our own version of the compliantWithV1_0(operation)Éanna Ó Catháin
2019-05-08IVGCVSW-2911 Android Q compatibility code updatesSadik Armagan
2019-05-07IVGCVSW-2773 Update the documentationRuomei Yan
2019-05-07IVGCVSW-2911 More Q compatiblityMatthew Bentham
2019-05-07IVGCVSW-2911 Work towards compatibility with QMatthew Bentham
2019-05-03IVGCVSW-3014 Check supported backends from runtime divice specNarumol Prangnawarat
2019-04-30IVGCVSW-2773 Integrate new CL tuner into ArmNNRuomei Yan
2019-04-28IVGCVSW-2773 Update clframework pin: modified the Android.bp fileRuomei Yan
2019-04-25MLCE-117 Handle more cases for implicit flattening of Fully Connected inputMatthew Bentham
2019-04-25MLCE-117 Add a unit test for implicit flatten of FC layer inputMatthew Bentham
2019-04-23IVGCVSW-2886 Add logging for driver backendsNattapat Chaimanowong
2019-04-10IVGCVSW-2947 Remove boost dependency from include/TypesUtils.hppAron Virginas-Tar
2019-04-09IVGCVSW-2912 Move clframework pin to a4bba9c594c4022c9f85192bb8fd3593ad1a8d3cJim Flynn
2019-04-04IVGCVSW-2886 Support multiple backends in Android driverNattapat Chaimanowong
2019-04-02MLCE-110 Propagate error from armnn EnqueueWorkloadMatthew Bentham
2019-04-02IVGCVSW-2832 (Part 2) update clframework pin to b4a44ff3aa98d2b51f1621a7525db...Jim Flynn
2019-03-26IVGCVSW-2832 Update CL pin to e214fcfcc61904e042b271bdbea90d1d96833ca8Jim Flynn
2019-03-15MLCE-91 LSTM doesn't support optional inputKevin May
2019-03-11IVGCVSW-2775 Adding extra step to the AndroidNN driver README for Android Ptelsoa01
2019-02-22MLCE-91: Fix for LSTM not supporting optional inputv19.02branches/android-nn-driver_19_02David Monahan
2019-02-22MLCE-87 Fix ConvertFullyConnected not supportedKevin May
2019-02-06IVGCVSW-2658 Fixes for latest Compute LibraryMatthew Bentham
2019-01-28IVGCVSW-2575 Update CL pin to latest masterConor Kennedy
2019-01-25IVGCVSW-2443 Update Android.bp to include CLComparison functionsNattapat Chaimanowong
2019-01-25MLCE-84: Fix Android-nn-driver build wrt master compute librarysaoste01
2019-01-23IVGCVSW-2394 Update Android Hal Policy for ResizeBilinear IsLayerSupportedSadik Armagan
2019-01-23IVGCVSW-2545 Fix android-nn-driver build wrt master Compute LibraryMatthew Bentham
2019-01-14MLCE-86 Fixing up the problem with the invalid padding clauseÉanna Ó Catháin
2019-01-11IVGCVSW-2454 Merge together the pluggable backends work (was in aMatteo Martincigh
2019-01-07IVGCVSW-2421 Remove the template-based version of armnnUtils::PermuteMatteo Martincigh
2019-01-02MLCE-77 Depthwise Convolution with depth multiplier > 1 doesn't workMatteo Martincigh
2018-12-31MLCE-82 Add Compute Library NEON mean to Android.bpMatthew Bentham
2018-12-21IVGCVSW-2166 Update NnapiSupport.txt for the new AndroidNN 1.1 operations.Sadik Armagan
2018-12-20IVGCVSW-1202 SPACE_TO_BATCH_ND integrate Arm Compute CLSadik Armagan
2018-12-19Update Android.bp file for latest CL pinNattapat Chaimanowong
2018-12-17Updated the Android.bp file to build the latest CL masterMatteo Martincigh
2018-11-18IVGCVSW-2127- Update HAL Policy for mergerbranches/android-nn-driver_18_11narpra01
2018-11-15IVGCVSW-2092 Port LSTMCell::Eval to ArmNNMatteo Martincigh