BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branches/arm_compute_19_02COMPMID-1766: Fixed NonMaxSuppression reference.Pablo Tello7 months
branches/arm_compute_19_05IVGCVSW-2794: Return correct status for ReduceMean operations.Georgios Pinitas4 months
branches/arm_compute_19_08COMPMID-2642: Update documentation for 19.08Gian Marco Iodice2 weeks
masterCOMPMID-2314: Implement NEON INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION functionManuel Bottini9 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 hoursCOMPMID-2314: Implement NEON INSTANCE_NORMALIZATION functionHEADmasterManuel Bottini
11 hoursCOMPMID-2665: CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyReshaped nightly tests are failing due to c...Michele Di Giorgio
13 hoursCOMPMID-2649: Generalize MemoryGroup.Georgios Pinitas
34 hoursCOMPMID-2641 [NEON] Create a test case for dynamic tensor supportMichalis Spyrou
34 hoursCOMPMID-2650: Add support for QASYMM16 in CLQuantizationLayerMichele Di Giorgio
37 hoursCOMPMID-2646: Wrap thread-related structure to ease bare-metal supportGeorgios Pinitas
4 daysCOMPMID-2660: (3RDPARTY_UPDATE) Update internal suite to v2.1Georgios Pinitas
4 daysCOMPMID-2659: Activation.SQRT Failure on NEONMichele Di Giorgio
5 daysCOMPMID-2570: Add hybrid precision flag in GEMMKernelInfo.Georgios Pinitas
5 daysCOMPMID-2599: Implement a new and generic depthwise convolution on OpenCL (Fp...Gian Marco Iodice