BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branches/arm_compute_19_02COMPMID-1766: Fixed NonMaxSuppression reference.Pablo Tello2 years
branches/arm_compute_19_05IVGCVSW-2794: Return correct status for ReduceMean operations.Georgios Pinitas22 months
branches/arm_compute_19_08COMPMID-3015: Update release notes for 19.08.1Michele Di Giorgio13 months
branches/arm_compute_19_11Update release repository pinMichele Di Giorgio13 months
branches/arm_compute_20_02Update release_repository pinMichele Di Giorgio12 months
branches/arm_compute_20_05move ndrange.hpp header into arm_compute directoryVincent ABRIOU9 months
branches/arm_compute_20_08Update release repository pinSang-Hoon Park6 months
branches/arm_compute_20_11Updated the errata.morgolock3 months
branches/arm_compute_21_02Update errata with failures in CLCast and CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyReshapedOnlyRHS...Michele Di Giorgio5 days
masterFix bug on CLCast from float to int8Giorgio Arena21 hours
v21.02ComputeLibrary-21.02.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio5 days
v20.11ComputeLibrary-20.11.tar.gz  morgolock3 months
v20.08ComputeLibrary-20.08.tar.gz  Sang-Hoon Park6 months
v20.05ComputeLibrary-20.05.tar.gz  Vincent ABRIOU9 months
v20.02.1ComputeLibrary-20.02.1.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio12 months
v20.02ComputeLibrary-20.02.tar.gz  Luca Foschiani12 months
v19.11.1ComputeLibrary-19.11.1.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio13 months
v19.08.1ComputeLibrary-19.08.1.tar.gz  Michele Di Giorgio13 months
v19.11ComputeLibrary-19.11.tar.gz  SiCong Li15 months
v19.08ComputeLibrary-19.08.tar.gz  Gian Marco Iodice18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
21 hoursFix bug on CLCast from float to int8HEADmasterGiorgio Arena
21 hoursFix bug on CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyReshapedOnlyRHS testsGiorgio Arena
4 daysUpdate int8 A55 kernelsGeorgios Pinitas
4 daysUpdate errata with failures in CLCast and CLGEMMMatrixMultiplyReshapedOnlyRHS...Michele Di Giorgio
5 daysAdd proper range checking when identifying CPU capabilitiesGeorgios Pinitas
5 daysAvoid division with zeroGeorgios Pinitas
5 daysIntroduce Context opaque object of the new interfaceGeorgios Pinitas
6 daysAdd errata for failure in quantized CLFullyConnectedLayerMichele Di Giorgio
6 daysCheck cpu index is within a valid range when populating cpu informationGeorgios Pinitas
6 daysAccount Ksections correctly for interleaved and hybrid_indirect gemm kernelsGeorgios Pinitas